I feel like I can almost see a rotating hour glass and hear a voice saying "these are the days of our lives" over my head! so much drama in my life lately!

Upon arriving home from the hospital only a few short hours later, the sceptic field backed up into our basement.....yup floating crap in the downstairs SOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much fun. UGH!

Thank goodness we have insurance! the house has insurance and we have renters insurance so it looks like we are moving into a hotel until they finish cleaning it up. (just have to wait for the adjuster to come and see our house, this is all so new to me!) We can smell sewer, they have cleaned it up, disinfected, are drying it out and sealed off the downstairs..........not before we could get clothes out of 2 of the girls rooms!! sucks! and last night after coming home we could barely stand the smell. So I called the insurance and am just waiting for the call to move us to a hotel. I could stand a little room service but the craziness of this all is feeling like a bit much.

Foo was up every 2 hours last night, crying in so much pain. So hard. Now she is trying to recover in a house that is not SAFE!

what I wouldn't give for a few days of normal!


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