count down

I think, well, I am pretty sure, that our store is going to open on Wed, Canada day! it would be so disappointing if it doesn't. I have SO much of me invested into it! not money hahaha but my time, oh my gosh my time! (which means time away from my family), my energy, my personality! I have never done something like this before. When I did ordering at the hotel I just followed the "book" as it was a franchise and no thinking was required.

Now I have had a crash course in the art of dealing with sales people, including ones that just show up and REEK like smoke and WAY too much cologne trying to cover said cigarette smoke. Now I see this guy and try to hide, seriously need to work on my no means no stern face routine. I am learning how to firmly return products that I did not mean to order and the suppliers should have known better. To deal with small holes in the pop cans that leak all over your beautiful new wood cabinets and now have a fruit fly infestation.

I got really emotional today as I received my last and biggest cheese order.... (I have a 100kg wheel of emental cheese! ) sooooooooo excited about that! I love seeing it all come together, working with the new staff that I hired, ALL by myself.... feel like a big girl now! and start seeing how we are going to work together. Ironing out some personality clashes with some other people and try oh try so hard to be the bigger person, whatever that means??!!

I hope I have some great and interesting stories like the checkout girl. I LOVE her blog. It would make for a more interesting blog, mine seems to be much more of a personal journal these days, which is ok, I think I have needed it to be. It was/is great to be able to spit out all what we/I have been going through, even if it cost me some precious readers and comments.... if you didn't know a comment to a blogger is a major addition....we call it blogger crack. But it's all good and I feel a change coming, at least I hope to God in Heaven that a good positive change is coming (my way of saying that my house better sell soon, that J get all better and not have to go for nasty monthly treatments that make him pass out, throw up and get too sick to do anything, and that my life will take on some sort of normal appearance, actually scrap that I don't want normal but I will settle for calmer!)


Dawn said…
Hi there - somehow I've missed what kind of store you're opening. Congratulations!

Hope things settle down for you soon.
Reg said…
Here's some crack LALA.

I'm sure you will do just fine. Looking for word to being an difficult customer. I want Cheese!

Shash said…
make sure you post lots of stories and pictures of the opening day!!!

p.s. did Dad ever see that massive scratch the flour delivery driver left in the floor by the entrance?
Shash said…
p.s.s. I like the new header picture!!

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