what to say

My brain seems like my own personal Rolodex! I can't seem to slow it down.

Setting up the store is very consuming, but I LOVE it! I am loving the work and think I have found my niche!

so here are some random thoughts that I am pondering, dreaming about, trying to sort out

I really want my house to sell, we have lowered our price even said Owners DESPERATE to sell, well not quite but close.

I am ready to be settled, in my own house, plant a garden! buy a PLANT! I need a plant for crying out loud :)

I feel frustrated with something that may or may not have happened on our family holiday last year and feeling the effects and not even sure I remember much of last summer....kind of a realization that I truly had a bit of a breakdown, kind of freaks me out.

I hate talking about "the wall"..... more later

Dealing with a 15 year old and her grades that are slipping and trying hard not to react! how do you encourage and motivate when they look at you and say "I don't know"..... UGH fighting off fear of shades of denial and altered perceptions.

Watching J have treatments and then get sick (he has to go 2 days/month) is so hard, fighting being afraid that this is the rest of our life. What does that look like? how to stay positive and believe for a healing and live my daily life? hearing him say things like I feel like I have one foot in the grave (not literally but metaphorically about dealing with the disease).

Loving the decision I made to hire a housekeeper for 1 day/week, not having to worry about cleaning toilets and bathtubs is SOOOOOOOO worth the $$$ for me! I just don't have the energy.

I LOVE that school is almost over!

I am not sure where to put the girls next year, all kind of depends on when our house sells and for how much which will determine how much we have to put down on a house. How much we have will determine where we live. Paying the mortgage and rent right now is brutal! what a drain.

I feel like a broken record, like I am so sick of the same old same old that I don't feel I have anything to say sometimes and that for me, is saying a LOT!!

ok well I will leave you with that! yeesh what a whiner!


Dawn said…
Somehow I've missed the part about a shop - tell me what date to go to to read and catch up!

You have indeed had a difficult last couple of years.

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