weekend away

Our schedule's have been so crazy! the opening date to the new shop is getting closer and closer and I have been meeting with potential suppliers, interviewing potential employees, picking up my first order, trying to keep on top of my other job (accounting for a property management company), planned a wedding shower for a cousin, had small group, last minute fit in a birthday party for FooFoo, and somehow managed to get away for the weekend! J went hunting and fishing, NOT my cup of tea and I took the girls to a Hot Spring Resort! (thanks to my in laws for the gift certificate, I know it was meant for J and I but sitting in hot springs is NOT his idea of a good time! he says why do I want to sit in someone's bath water!) SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing! My parents decided to come as well and took their RV, we stayed at the resort, swam in the 5 pools! walked the town, shopped, visited with my amazing cousin who came up on Sunday to spend the day with us. Ate yummy food, swam some more and on the way home stopped at a museam/heritage site. It was soooooooo amazing.

This turkey must have eaten something bad cuz 12am this morning, our last night there, she woke up barfing, ALL over our bed! yes I was sharing a bed with her, the other girls wouldn't due to her snoring :) and she yacked everywhere, some how she doesn't realize the signs of oh no I am going to puke soon and run to the toilet in time. I actually apologized to the housekeeper as we were leaving, saying take care when lifting the blankets off the floor as they are full of puke....hope they pay well there!! anyways I don't normally DO puke, that's J's job but he was absent and so I had no choice, my tummy is just now feeling better! YUCK. So all last night, or this morning, I slept with a light on and at every strange sound Foo made I sat straight up in bed yelling at her "are you going to puke?" thankfully she didn't! she just missed Hailey who was sleeping on the floor in between the beds! YUCK! good times!

my dad and the girls!
we had such a great weekend, sides the barfing part, it was just nice to get away and relax! and we only had 1 long conversation about work!!! how good is that!!??!!


Shash said…
yuck, I soooo don't do puke either!!

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