a tribute to my dad

it's my dads birthday today, I love my dad! he is the best dad ever! I have awesome memories of him when I was a child. I know he was gone a lot and he worked a ton, he had to drive back and forth from the North Shore to Edmonton! (for you Americans that's the next province over and a 12-15 hour drive!) I remember playing with his hair while he would lie on the floor watching tv or sleeping! it still does not take long for him to fall asleep when he actually sits still. He made his time with us count and created fun things to do with us, tons of camping trips, long bike rides, day trips, taking us on big vacations, making us the most amazing tree forts! my dad is pretty awesome! he even made my girls the most cool play fort up North zip line and all!
He loves big
He gives big
He is affectionate and kind
He is a dreamer and taught us to think outside the box

I love this pic of dad with my Emily!

and this picture, loving on my momma! I love how they adore each other, they are such an example of making a marriage work. They met and married after knowing each other only 8 weeks I think it is safe to say that they beat the odds. They are not perfect but they have a strength in knowing who they are and the consequences in choices that is inspiring.
so I am very thankful for my dad, for the man he is, the father he is and the pappa he is to my girls. His own dad died when my dad was only 2 years old, his mom remarried when he was 13 and when he was 19 he was finally able to call his step dad "dad" for the first time and loved him and treated him as his dad for the rest of Grandpa's life. Having no father for the most impressionable time in his life makes the fact that my dad is so terrific even more amazing.
I love you forever daddy
Happy Birthday!


Shash said…
Awesome tribute La! I couldn't have said it better myself. He set the bar high for a good husband and a good father and a friend and a good good business ma and a good follower of Christ.

I hate that I've missed having him for the last 13 years - as much as you have. You are blessed La La.
raino said…
i'm bawling now, thank you VERY much (kidding) this is such a beautiful tribute. very nice. you feel the very same way that i do about my dad. what a beautiful thing that your mom and dad are still together AND still in love. nice to see. so sad that he lost his dad so young - THAT is not right. cheers.

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