moving on

well it looks like we might be moving again, the 3rd time in less than 3 years!

the house that we are renting has mould! besides the rotting animal smell that comes from the walls down the hall! the water feature that appears whenever it rains hard! and the general state of a very old house that is really in need of a total gutting! the mould has now gotten into our clothing and I think I have to throw out a bunch of clothing cuz washing it is not helping. I think at this point I am going to have to have our mattresses and furniture professionally cleaned/disinfected!

It's brutal!

the house is also really way too big for us! I know a family of 6 and a 6 bedroom almost 4,000 sq feet house is too big! never thought I would ever say that but I have learned what they say about the bigger the house the bigger the mess and the more to clean. TOTALLY!

then to add to that we are paying over $2,000/mth in rent plus utilities that run an average of $400/mth!!! thats a lot of $$$ especially when you are still paying a mortgage/insurance/property taxes on your own house! so yah this sucks! we are managing, totally see His provision for us which is awesome, we just don't want to be doing this much longer. We would like to paying a LOT less rent! I also don't get why our house hasn't sold yet. If we were totally out of it price wise I wouldn't think we would be getting a min. of 3 showings per week!! we have had a couple of people that seemed interested but no offers. So we have dropped our price over $20,000 and are thinking about dropping it another $20,000. Basically we might be walking away and having to start all over which means I really do need to find a healthy and cheaper home to rent so we can save back up so we can buy back in to the market. I am praying that that doesn't happen but carrying 2 houses is not getting us any further ahead either.

our property manager has offered us lower rent, she is going to try to do something about the mould, I honestly don't think you can do anything about it besides gutting the place, this house was built in the late 60's! I don't think the owner wants to put that kind of money into a rental house, I certainly wouldn't! I would sell it first. The house is sitting on 1/3 acre Ocean View lot! so it's worth a pretty penny. It used to be an executive styled house but it's so run down now it's just sad.

this is such a busy time for me to think about moving (Faiths surgery is coming up, the end of school, finals for my high schooler, a family wedding, the shop opening! um yah a little busy) but I know we need to. I think I am going to hire my niece to come help me pack. The store is getting ready to open, the store I keep referring to is a Bakery, Cafe, Cheese and Artisan shop and I am managing the cheese and artisan side of the store. My first delivery of cheese arrived yesterday from Quebec with no shortage of stress and drama as the vault was not quite ready, it was delivered to the restaurant beside us by accident, and emotions ran high as we were trying to get the vault/coolers working asap. Um yah that was stressful! and the fact that I work with J and my parents can make it more stressful at times as you have no qualms about telling them how you are feeling in your stressed out moment! then to make it worse I had an owner come in for my other work, had to run to the girls track meet and couldn't find Faith at the school and had moments of complete panic, I should not have watched the movie "taken"!


Henri said…
No sure if it helps, but:

- Having a documented mould infestation would allow you to break your lease if the landlord will not fix the problem. As I'm sure you know, the residential tenancy laws in BC requires them to keep the property in good working condition, and a mould infestation wouldn't exactly be "good" condition.

- If the mould problem is documented, then they will not be able to rent it to anyone. This gives you a bit of leverage over the property owner, as they can't simply watch yoo leave and then rent to someone else, knowing that the property is a documented health hazard. The RTA office should be able to give more info on how to get the property documented as a mould hazard.

Good luck! (Say hi to J.)
Shash said…
isn't there major health issues with living with mould?
MugwumpMom said…
We're here to help you as well, so just let us know, re: moving etc...also, Pam sent out an email advising that Mary is looking for paid work for the next 3 weeks...not sure if she drives, but if she does, perhaps that might be something to explore...

Anyway, keep us posted on any help you need...AND I MEAN IT...oops sorry, didn't mean to yell.

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