Happy 7th Faith

It's my babies 7th Birthday today, I know I say it a lot but I can't get over it.......where does the time go? how is she already 7? crazy

My baby is a great story of Faith, she is my 10th baby, my total miracle baby, so many things were against her being born healthy, and yet here she is! a total miracle and well named!

I knew she was a girl before we were told via Ultrasound, I kind of figured with the 3 other girls and the miscarriages we could find out about, were all girls. We just make girls.

Some may find this too much info so if you go all ewwwwwww gross, consider yourself warned!

At 14 weeks I passed a blood clot, a big blood clot, in fact pretty much the entire size of what a little sac baby and all would come close to being at 14 weeks. I was crying, totally felt defeated. After 6 years of marriage and just as many miscarriages I felt once again, this is my life, struggle and pain over and over just to have a baby, or the hope of more babies. At this point I was really happy with the 3 girls, totally knew I was blessed! I had 6 babies growing up in heaven and my 3 beautiful girls here with me. I lost a baby between Hailey and Faith and that was hard because I thought I had passed all that agony, pain and torture in my life. I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt another try as I just didn't want the failure and all that came with that. J really wanted more and deep down, past the pain and fear, so did I. So we tried again, I also really did NOT want to end on a failure! I charted and planned, waited for the Dr's blessing, which at this point they were like "really??? more???" yup 1 more! I didn't think I would want to try again if this LAST time was another loss. I tried not to think about it and walked through that door called hope, faith and trust one more time. So at 14 weeks I was so thrown. I felt like I was falling down Alice in Wonderlands hole.

Here we go again.

I called the Dr. He said I will try to get you in for an ultrasound right away, hang in there, lie down and rest. It was a Friday night. So all weekend I battled to hold on to hope. I remember watching tv lying on the couch and struggling to pray, pretty sure that it was all over anyways, trying to hold on to a thread of hope. My Dr finally could get me in for an emergency Ultrasound on the following Tuesday, it was a LONG few days! and I bled all Friday night and off and on Saturday.

I walked into the hospital pretty sure I knew what they were going to tell me, knew the routine, knew the tech's by name, it really had been a LONG 6 years. I felt deflated and yet so cautiously hopeful. I hated the fact that I had to go in by myself at first, after the Tech gets the pictures THEN your spouse is allowed in. DUMB RULE....anyways I lied there struggling to keep my heart rate down, shallow breathing, I remember it as if it was yesterday, then I timidly ask "is there a heart beat?" not even sure there was a baby there to get a heart beat from! and she said "YES" I immediately started to cry, sat myself up a bit so I could sneak a peek at the screen and as I did my little precious miracle baby moved her whole arm and it literally looked like she waved at me, saying "hi mom I'm still here"..... I cried so hard she could barely see the scan, J walked in, he thought my crying was bad news, I kept saying over and over "I've never had blood and it be ok", J cried. We held hands and wept as we looked at our baby on the screen.

That was just the beginning of our journey of faith.

One night we were talking about names....mostly boy names :) and J said what about Faith.... I repeated Faith...mmmmm Faith Lauralye...and something in me lept. I instantly KNEW that was her name. So when we were told a month or so later that it was indeed another girl, I thought Yup I knew that, her name is Faith.

We also learned that I had Venus Lakes (blood pools in the placenta and I was on blood thinners with this pregnancy), as well they discovered that part of the placenta was being held on on one side by a blood clot! The placenta was very low lying and I was placed on bed rest. Bed rest with 3 little ones!!! hahahahaha that's funny! but I did what I could to rest and take it easy, I didn't want to lose another baby!

I went into labor at 27 weeks, contractions were 5 min apart, so I was hospitalized, given a lot of adavan and stricter bed rest. At 38 weeks I started having a LOT of pain where the placenta was and so they decided to induce me...well 48 hours later!!! oh man!! she finally was born.....bed together Dr gone to get a coffee and caught by a nurse reaching over my belly!! J was saying very loudly "um nurse um nurse, there is a head"!

The nurses and Dr commented on the placenta, it looked bad! not a healthy looking one at all, in fact one half of the placenta looked like a tire had run over it, it was a different color and flat! there was also a lot of blood clots.

They all said "she is so appropriately named"

They spread the word! even the floors janitor came and told me she wanted to see the baby that all the nurses were talking about, the miracle baby with the perfect name.

Faith Lauralye Kari was born on May 11/02 weighing 7 pounds, which is amazing considering how damaged the placenta was, you could tell she would have been an easy 10 pounder if all had been better.

Her middle name Lauralye is after my grandmother, and Lauralye was a pet name my grandfather called her, she was born on their wedding anniversary! this is my only child that was born after my grandmother had died. (my grandfather died after my 2nd was born).

So she was perfectly named, in every way!

She makes me smile, she makes me laugh, she gives her love freely to all, she is my baby forever and the completion of what I had hoped for, the evidence of my faith!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

ETA: HOW COULD I FORGET???!!!! haha actually I didn't forget but after reading this again I thought to myself I BET you my sister is going to comment on her 3rd name....and yup...read the comments SHE DID :)
Kari is my sister Shash's middle name, it was also my other grandmothers name (well a version of it...she was originally from the Ukraine and they all changed their names so much!) My other girls have my oldest 2 sister's names in them and 1 has my mom's name as a middle name and shash HAD to remind me SEVERAL times that she was NOT in there somewhere! not on purpose!! just didn't fit.... :) so for my last and final daughter I finally gave her my sister's name too!!


Shannon said…
and she's named after another great person!! You know I'd mention it, I made you do it!!! :-)
Darlene said…
What a BEAUTIFUL miracle story, Lise!!!
Patti said…
Happy Birthday, Sweet Faith!
cara said…
I think this is my most favorite post of yours!

Happy Birthday, Faith!
Nadine said…
Happy Birthday to Faith - what a wonderful story.
Shash said…
haha, it's only fair... you're in 2 of my kid's names after all! LOL

I'm such an attention seeker!!! hahaha

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