This post may not make me very popular but I am who I am and so there! ha, I have seen so many blogs now with the Twitter on the sidelines. I know everyone is in to Twitter, Ellen Degeneres Twitters, P Diddy Twitters, my best friend Twitters............ I can't help but hear Thumper from Bambi, "twitterpated" when I hear the word Twitter. but I digress!

What my point is and what I don't get is............... do we really need another form of technology to keep absolutely everybody up to date constantly through out the day to what you are doing or what your thoughts are? from facebook updates...of which I am TOTALLY GUILTY of changing on a daily basis AT LEAST, to myspace and now Twitter we seem to now be a generation who is in need of constant one dimensional communication. I no longer have to tell my family that Easter dinner is at my house by sitting on the phone for over an hour, which I have to say is very convenient and I appreciate as I don't always want to talk on the phone!! But have we now gone too far? what is the driving force behind the constant informing others on our minute to minute thoughts or our daily going ons?

I wonder if it doesn't have to do with the "busyness" that has become so ingrained in our time? The "Island Family Life" that I see ever too present. It is almost a miracle to call someone on a friday night and they have NO plans! In fact the norm seems to be that you have bring out your blackberry, Iphone...never an actual day timer with actual paper and ink pen!!....and type in an appt! how does 3 months from now sound? is not an uncommon statement! it's sad. It makes me very sad. I hate to be that kind of busy. The kind of busy where you change your hair color at least 3 times before anyone notices cuz they really don't "see" you anymore! (mind you they will know that you changed it cuz you changed your facebook update to let everyone know!)

I hate the kind of busy that makes you feel why bother calling anyone to see if they are home cuz you just know they won't be. So maybe in the desperation of what our current culture has become we are reaching out to each other in whatever form we can? we are texting each other on lunch breaks...heck even during work hours....just to keep some form of "I am still here, does anyone hear me? does anyone care?" Or in the reverse to let others know in the few seconds it takes to type that I know you're there, I am thinking about you.

Such a dilemma I think we find ourselves in now. It's what I loved about living up North in a smaller town, the availability of people! the actual face to face relationships we had with so many people. I hated the issolation down here before we moved and I am hating it again down here since we moved back (talking about the issolation). So now when I am finding that our family is becoming too busy being busy, I try very hard to reign that back and just be.

Saying all that I will not join twitter, I will still blog, I will still read other peoples blog and I will most likely keep changing my facebook updates annoyingly frequently and try harder to pick up the phone and make plans to do life with people face to face!


Dawn said…
I don't understand Twitter at all - seems totally ridiculous to me. I haven't given into the pressure to join Facebook, though I'd love to see who I could find out there from high school and college. I spend way too much time here in blogland already.

I have to say I don't like talking on the phone, but I despise texting. Worst invention ever!!

I am sad when I see kids walking down the campus "together" each talking to someone on the phone. Craziness.
Cheri said…
I looked at someone's Twitter once and people really do this? I had no desire to be part of it. As you's too much
Nadine said…
I'm on Facebook and now my husband got into Twitter so guess what I do Twitter too. I don't get it. It's crazy. I don't think it will last, but who knows. I understand you can set it so when you update Facebook it updates Twitter. That's what I'm looking at doing.

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