time to get organized

Time. It seems to get away from me, especially when I know I waste SO much of it on the computer, cruising facebook, reading blogs! or when I read! I don't know how to read casually unless I don't like the book I am reading too much which usually means I won't finish it or I will read the ending and if it is not what I predicted then I will trudge on. Right now I am reading World Without End by Ken Follett, he wrote Pillars of the Earth which I really enjoyed ( I read that several years ago). I am loving it which means I don't want to do anything else but read! I get really obsessed.

What I don't get obsessed about it paper work at home, I mentioned this before but I am WAY behind. Something I am not too happy with myself about. I have made somewhat of a dent in it and have only about another garbage bag to go through, YUP it was THAT BAD!!

My housework, something I have NEVER obsessed over like E.V.E.R! It is not my gifting!! Living in a temporary situation has really not helped this situation and it gets me quite down! it's very frustrating. So I have started to make myself small projects, ones that I have to try to keep on top of. I started with the corner of the living room where our tv is was like a bomb of papers, loose dvd's and empty dvd cases...........WHERE DO THEY ALL COME FROM?! seriously I think we end up wasting SO much money just replacing stupid things! I have managed to keep it tidy...not dust free :) .... but tidy for almost 2 weeks. A small accomplishment I know but I am hoping to enlarge the boundary of that area week by week and keep on top of it. I have also rearranged my kitchen and it already is starting to "feel" better. It's amazing to me how the feeling of a room affects my tidiness/organization. My kids hear me saying "now, doesn't that feel much better?" after I relocate the microwave to the other end of the kitchen on it's own small table, and they look at me and say " feel? how does a kitchen feel?" um not sure but now that it is reorganized and staying cleaner it just FEELS better to me.

This might sound totally crazy and tell me if you think I am off my rocker but I am thinking that I might have cleaning issues :) in the way that when I clean I see EVERYTHING! like the tiny corners, the ledges, I know what is under the drawers, I want it CLEAN. When I clean and clean and clean and rub down the outside of the cupboards and have been on my hands and knees scrubbing the lino after an hour or 2 I look around and all I can still see is mess............. I find that SO frustrating that I usually get overwhelmed feel completely deflated and defeated and end up walking out. Not sure exactly what that means but I get the feeling that I know I can't get it exactly the way I want to get it so I stop trying. Maybe an all or nothing kind of mind set. I have to figure out a way to deal with it! to find a way to clean and stay organized without spending hours! and without getting so frustrated and deflated!


If only there was more of it!

With my new idea of how to keep my house organized I am trying to figure out how to keep my kids organized too. I suggested today that at 7 every evening the TV goes off, that way J will be more motivated to help me! and the kids and me have less distractions! and we get ready for the following morning. Make lunches, do homework, sign planners, lay out shoes and clothes for the morning, shower if need be, do some reading, and hopefully throw in a devotion or 2 and some family time. I will let you know how it works out! I keep thinking how to make our family more functional and mornings less stressful! Sunday morning getting ready for church was a nightmare and NOT how I want to walk out the door for church! Things have to change.

ok well this is turning into a novel sized post and it's almost 7 so I need to shut this down.
I have some thoughts about twitter/facebook and myspace that I wanted to sort out, better do that tomorrow!


Wellington Grey said…
A garbage bag full of paperwork is a good start. The less the better.

Also, don't worry about the kids not getting the 'feeling' of a room. It's something my own mother used to say all the time and I never understood until I was older.

If you ever feel too overwhelmed with getting organized and loosing your time, I'd love to help out. I'm a time management coach and I offer a free hour of training to anyone who needs it.

Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Lise, Have you considered looking into the symptoms of Perfectionism. Two things you said make me think this. One, you spend so much time trying to do one chore perfectly you neglect all the other chores. Two, you said if you can't do something the right way you would rather not do it at all. Perfectionism can be very difficult to live with and manage, especially with kids in the house. Maybe, if you look it up and you decide this fits you, you can find some tips on how to manage cleaning and other things without it being perfect.
Just a thought, Laura
Reg said…
Put your kids to work! Chores build character and a good work ethic. Don't deny your kids the satisfaction of accomplishing a task worth doing. They will thank you for it later. Plus, it will lighten your load. As for Jason, good luck with that. Make him clean the car and the garage or something. Take out the garbage, mow the lawn. You know, that kind of manly stuff. Oh, and perfection is over-rated. Its an illusion we use to decieve ourselves and others with. Just be real. Oh, and if you still find yourself needing a fix now and again, try a bottle Febreeze. I hear it does wonders for the self esteem. And, for those times you need some extra strength therapy, try the anti-bacterial fortified version. Cheers.

LOL, Reg.

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