lala's randomness at it's best, or not

I am a woman of many talents but trying to type with my 15 pound cat sitting on me, well, trying to sit on me, is not so easy. I think the movement of my hands is annoying him....go figure! and he is picking and kneading at my thighs, not so comfortable.......ok wait......ok yes finally he seems to have found his place smushed into the side of the chair and my right elbow, which is still making typing more of a challenge then it normally is.

wow, where did that come from?

um so I have a few random thoughts, let's see if they can be typed up as my screen keeps sliding up and down from my palm resting on the roller thingy pad on my laptop....whoa that's trippy!

first - I was reading some very old posts from like a couple of years ago and felt depressed reading my own blog...........not sure what to think of that. Maybe we really have been through a lot and it either has been totally suppressed in the recesses of my (oops rolled right off the page that time, stupid massive Norwegian hands) mind, or I have gotten over most of it? probably the first! this was kind of confirmed by M on Sunday when she came with me and my cousin shopping.....not that I wanted to bring my 15 year old shopping with me cuz I just wanted ME time with my cousin and I knew that even 15 year olds ask and beg and whine about wanting everything they see, it's just changed from corn pops to designer glasses and the most expensive items on the menu! anyways she blurts out as only teenagers can do, that one of her teachers who remains nameless, went to a school counsellor saying that he/she is worried about Morgan and thinks she should see the counsellor. So Morgan went and talked and cried and said the counsellor said she is one of the most stressed out 15 year olds she has met in a long time. This is worrisome to me and it kind of hit me hard about just how much our kids have been through and her being the oldest probably carries the brunt of it. I was glad my cousin was there to reassure her that she can talk to us or some other female cousins in their early 20's who have been there done that more recently than us....uh hem yes I realize I am NOT in my early 20's anymore.......but that our family is family in the very essence of the word and are there for each other.

In this time when friends become everything in a teenagers life I don't think I can stress that enough with her.

second - For the third time in about 3 years we know we are moving but not to um don't enjoy this process! our house up North is getting a lot of showings, in fact almost everyday there is a showing but NO offers! living in limbo SUCKS. I really hate it. Waiting is not my strong point. I am so ready to be settled it's not funny. Everyone I know is ready for me to be settled so I will shut up! haha....seriously it's true. So I surf the MLS wondering where will we be? this town? the one over? can I keep the girls in the same school? what if our house doesn't sell? what then? J and I are both settling in to our jobs, he has started estimating for his dad and finishing up the bakery for my parents. It looks like I will be managing the cheese/retail side of the bakery, which is exciting and a little, ok, very unknown territory for me but I feel up to the challenge. I think!

third - wow you are still here, I must be an incredible griping writer! or you are seriously bored! in my surfing of MLS I looked at Salt Spring Island and I heart SSI! the girls and I were ooooohhhing and ahhhhhhing over multi-million dollar homes with the most breathtaking views of Islands and Ocean and Ocean and Islands, just pure heaven. It's where J and I want to retire in a home like the one with multi level patios carved out of the cliff side! where there is a panoramic view of the Ocean and Islands, Islands and Oceans, vaulted and wood beamed ceilings.......that's the life for me! one day hopefully while we are still young enough to fully enjoy it!

so there you have some random thoughts cuz I just know you were all dying to know!


Shash said…
at least you can get it all out, I have writer's block! I worry that if I write what's on my mind, I'll be strung up. A pastor's wife can't think or say that!!! Let's just say... I'm tired of the high school games adults can play. I want to yell GROW UP but I can't. AUGH!!!

Soon I will be out there for a visit and then you're life will be perfect. :-)
Heidi said…
oh I'll have to look up SSI on MLS! I do that with White Rock homes. lol
Our cat Max is also 15 lbs...does the EXACT same thing! you had me laughing. lol
And for the record, you are a very good writer! so no I wasn't bored - you have very good stories. ;)


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