Lala's movie reviews, installment ??

I haven't done a movie review in SOOOOOOOOOOOO long, I have no idea what installment I was one, anyways, we have watched a few movies lately, well we tend to always watch movies.... so here a few and my reviews.

the changeling, staring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood. To be honest I really didn't want to watch this movie, I didn't think I could handle watching a movie about a mother loosing her child......just too much of a real parental fear for me to try to be "entertained". BUT I have to say that was not the overall emotion I felt while watching the movie. Anger was more prevelant. It is based on a true story and totally gut wrenching but more out of digust and anger than anything, at least for me. Brutal in essence but eye opening at the level of corruption in the police in the 20's.

seven pounds, staring Will Smith. It seems to me that I either love Will Smiths movies or I can't stand them! I have to admit this fresh prince of bellair former fan thinks he can act, which always amazes me considering his beginning and my 14 year old love affair of his hit song "parents just don't understand". This movie was a contradiction for me, I loved the acting, Will was great! so was Woody Harrelson who I don't like most of his movies but thinks he is a great actor and forever loved as Woody from Cheers. But the concept of the movie is extremely ethically stretching it for me! Without giving it away, the movie is full of twists and turns but it was pretty apparent to me what it was about and hoping that what I thought was going to happen, wouldn't, but it did and J and I looked at each other when it was over and was like .... oh man... really, that was strange. So not really a clear review but without giving it away I can't say much more.

the day the earth stood still....staring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelley, ok I don't have much to say about this movie, should have known it would be bad with Keanu Reeves possibly one of the WORSE actors EVER!!! but man was this bad, like totally predictable, badly acted, good effects but that is ALL it had going for it, NOT WORTH WASTING YOUR TIME! seriously it was that bad, unless you like PC movies telling us we are killing the planet and so aliens have to come and destroy us in order to save the planet!! I am SO done with these movies! It was almost as bad as the Happening... another very terrible movie! I actually have told people in the video store who were looking at renting it, PLEASE DON'T, you will seriously regret it! I liked M. Night Shyamalan's other movies but this one is bad bad bad bad...... like thumbs WAYYYYY down!

slumdog millionaire...... LOVED it! This movie won best picture this year at the academy awards and now that I have seen it I can see why. So well acted, it provoked so many different emotions, and kept my eyes riveted to the screen. What a moving story about the human spirit and our desire to survive come what may! totally moving, maybe a have to buy kind of movie. I even want my kids to watch it as for me it was so eye opening to life in the slums and really how bad it is and how privileged we are to live here.

doubt... staring Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams, wow what a movie. Great great great acting, great dialogue, Meryl could act the phone book and I am beginning to think so could Philip! I like Amy too but the other 2 are AMAZING. Again it is a difficult subject to be sure, there was no showing of anything disturbing so much as what was implied. This originally was written as a stage play. Worth watching just for the performances and to shed light on what we all know has sadly taken place far too often in the catholic church, well more than just the catholic church!

ok well that should be good for now!
I am trying to clean my house, this entity called laundry is my nemesis and I am determined to win the battle today! along with cleaning as our family is coming over tomorrow for Easter dinner and well my house doesn't clean itself, sad to say, oh how I wish I wish it did!

hope you are all having a great weekend and remembering the reason for Easter!


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