it's over, I think, I hope, I pray!

My tenants moved out tonight.............oh glory hallelujah, can you see me doing the happy dance!

This situation, being a landlord, well it's one hat that doesn't fit me so well! I am not cut out for it. I am glad it is over. Can't say I would or want to do it again!

J has had enough of me talking about, me stressing about it, me loosing sleep over it and then talking stressing and tossing about it some more. He is done with me being done with the whole thing.

I won't go on about here anymore either!


I am soooooooooooooo relieved!

can you tell?

so now we have to suck it up financially big time with rent plus full mortgage plus plus plus, it's going to be a stretch, I am glad our interest rate is variable and right now is only 1.6%! that helps.

Our realtor told us that with the house empty it should sell quickly.

I am ready to be settled. I am ready to be in one place. I am ready for this time of transition to be over!


raino said…
can't imagine how horrible it must be to have tennants but i hear it's horrible. good you are out!

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