how fast you lose it

Before I start todays rant I just want to clarify that I don't have anything against "twitter"! or judge you if you twitter or don't twitter! for me I know that I don't need anything more to be addicted to! I realize I have a tad bit of an addictive personality and ya facebook and blogging has too much of my time already!
so ok now that is out of the way I can blab some more :)

This morning I got an email from our tenants who are now moved out of our house asking for the security deposit back STAT, which I know we don't have to pay yet as I know the tenancy act as I work in that field, and anyways soon enough nasty emails were flying back and forth ALL day! right after the first email my heart rate went up taking my blood pressure with it. I literally was shaking! It still surprises me when I seem to lose it when it comes to these particular people and this situation, specially when I tend to think of myself as a pretty strong capable lady. I fought the urge to lose it all day. I was annoyed at my reaction. Annoyed that the peace that had finally been restored could go away so quickly. I really don't understand it.

I took the girls to see 17 again this afternoon and even in the theater I had to struggle to keep my heart rate down and my nerves under control and no it didn't have anything to do with Zach Efron!
side note about movie 17 again - I took the 3 little ones to the movie, it was rated PG, BUT I would have to caution that there was a lot of content that I would not find appropriate for the little ones, it's more of a pre-teen/teenager movie as there is discussion about sex and a few uncomfortable moments! having said that I wish my 15 year old would want to see it as I think it creates good dialogue to have with your teenagers!

Then tonight we headed into Vancouver to visit with dear friends, *we had a fantastic time!!! * and the whole way in I had to fight to breathe right, not clench my teeth, my jaw by this time was actually aching!!! I found that I was angry at myself. Why do I do this? BUT by the end of the evening I was totally relaxed, well fed! and loved having an evening with great friends, just sharing life with each other!

Kind of goes back to my last post about doing face to face life with people and the amazing calming effect it has, on me at least!


nomad said…
Zac Efron did a great job in 17 Again; he pretty much carried that movie all by himself
Shash said…
have you had contact with the bad tenants since? have you gone through the house to find out what you may need to fix?
Marrid66 said…
I actually had the same problem a while back. I went and talked with my female doctor and she said it could be a chemical imbalance which it was. She put me on medicine and I feel a hundred times better.

Karen aka marrid66

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