Happy 9th

My Hailey is turning 9 this week! so crazy how fast these kids are growing! I wish I had pics of her when she was younger here but I don't so, well so here are 3 recent ones. This little girl is the spark in our home. She is our artist and has us all laughing and yelling the most! By far she thinks so differently but her different is our blessing. She is full of life, full of compassion and full of character! She is also my most sensitive little girl, and feels things so much greater. She picks up on my moods and well, she just amazes me.
This one is going to go far I just know it, she has the drive and I think focused in the right direction she will accomplish exactly what ever it is that she wants too.

She doesn't want a birthday party this year but wants just to go to the spa with me, I love that....totally up my alley!
Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!


Dawn said…
Cutie pie - Happy Birthday!

Loved the letter to your girls. I'm sure the love is what they will remember the most!

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