I have been feeling down lately, I shouldn't let the tenants get to me the way they are, I am sure I am annoying everyone around me. I am not sleeping well at night, really really stressed about so many things.

So I love it when my baby says the funniest things, at least to me they are funny. She always makes me laugh and sometimes she comes up with bizarre statements. It's like her wheels are always turning.

Today she matter of factly informed me that "I know how you get pregnant, you have 5ex"..... yup just like that out of the blue while we were watching Jon & Kate + 8, then started to ask if daddy and I were going to have anymore babies and I guess the look on my face made her drop it and resume watching TV!


Cheri said…
HAHA...too funny.
I think you'd have to pick me up off the floor if C said that to me (she's 6 too). I was shocked enough when she demonstrated the bird for me one day...telling me that it meant something bad (which she didn't know) and we should do it. I have a fellow grade 1 to thank for teaching her this.

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