Day trip to the Island to see the Big Cheese!

Yesterday I took my 9 year old with me on a little work excursion. My assignment was to go over to Vancouver Island to a Bakery/Deli in Oak Bay. So off we went. Woke up at 5:30am which for me is TORTURE! I really am not a morning person. I drove insanely fast to get to the ferry in time, totally misjudging my time but I made it to the ferry with about 5 min to spare! just made it. I bought some book on Friday about cheese/oils and vinegars. Since it looks like I am going to be the manager of the cheese shop my parents are opening (along with a bakery but I won't be managing that side of things) I have a LOT to learn about cheese. There is a ton to learn. There are so many types of cheese, like SO many, but I am quickly learning some very important NEED to know basics. It is so much more than I like cheese, good cheese! it's where it came from? how it was made? what were the cows fed on? how was it handled? how was it stored/shipped? I definitely have my homework cut out for me and to tell you the truth I am running out of time as we should be opening mid next month! ahhhhh but I am getting excited about it and enjoying learning new things!
one of the beautiful lighthouses you pass by on the BC ferries......I would LOVE to live here!

my sidekick for the day! she was soooooooooooooo good and it was so fun spending that one on one time with her! she even put her hand up at the BIG CHEESE CUT presentation and asked a really good question. She asked " do you have to have different cows for all the different type of cheeses" the guy seemed impressed by her question and answered "great question, no you don't have to have different cows but depending on where they grazed, what they were fed on, and how the cheese was processed is what makes the difference in cheese"..... it really was a lot of information.


I LOVE this time of year!

Emmental......not my personal favorite unless it's in a Ruben sandwich! then it's yummy! this round of cheese that they cut was 250 lbs!

the cheese in the above picture is called 1608 and was stinky but oh so delicious! I really want to get this in our store! it was amazing!

this is my favorite cheese ever....Parmigiano-Reggiano.... simply the BEST cheese ever made!

taking a sample to see if it had reached it's peak! I didn't know cheese had peaks!! I just thought if it was in the store then it was good to go....boy how wrong was I? and buying cheese in a more! now that I know when it gets heated to get shrink wrapped you basically KILL it......yup the heat draws out the butter fat and then there goes the good stuff along with the flavor and integrity of the cheese!

it took 3 people to cut this round.

It was a really interesting event, lots of information and lots of yummy samples. Spending time with Hailey was really precious! All in all it was just a great day!


cara said…
Ew, I don't like Emmental either. It's one of the most common cheeses here especially to cook with. They sell it shredded in bags. I wish we could get normal cheeses like Cheddar and Mozzarella. Well, we have Mozzarella but it's the really fresh Italian kind made with buffalo's milk. It's good, but it doesn't always have much of a taste. What kinds of cheeses will you be stocking? I'll have to stop by when we come in July.

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