we're not on holidays anymore.... so sad

it's Monday and I have to be honest.......... I DON'T like Mondays! and today, well today was just a terrific Monday......NOT! ugh I felt like clicking my heels and chanting there's no place like Seattle, there is no place like Seattle.....well anywhere but here at the moment will do!

Here, being my present reality and I have soooooooooooooo much to do and feeling overwhelmed at the gianormity of it all. I feel all sorts of whiny! and using lots of !!! and ....... just to really protray how whiny I feel!!!!........

J started a week long set of treatments today. He gets IVIG and will be back on steriods pretty soon as well. It generally makes him quite sick and sure enough when I brought him home today he was sick to his stomach, not fun and he gets brutal headaches, so not fun. At work today all I think about is him and how sick he is feeling.

Even though I just had 3 days off of work, I was SO not ready to go back today. I made a mistake this month with one of the portfolios and so upon walking in to the office I was bombarded with the facts/details/concern about the said mistake and all I felt like doing was crawling under the desk. Then I received a bit of a lecture and while I get it, it is never fun to hear. Then I got a stupid phone call,......well several but the last phone call of the day from a co-worker and I was just trying to run out the door to pick up J from the hospital and well........ I got irritated and spoke a little harsh and then hung up on her!! yah real mature eh?!

Working for 3 different companies that need me more than I am able to give them since I am split 3 different ways on top of my home/personal life and challenges, dealing with the Gov't and a mistake they made on our GST, our tenants moving out early and the realtor complaining they are not cleaning well enough for our showings, our business taxes to be filed, our personal tax info to be sent to our accountants, and the general state of disaster house......well me brain is full and I am missing stuff that I normally don't miss. see I told you... whiny!

anyways I think sitting here complaining about it all and not doing something productive is not really being proactive!

sometimes when I have so much to do.... I get stuck! see here I go with the whining.... must.stop.whining.

I just really had such a great time on our trip......wish that I could go away and come back and have all my things to do, DONE! wouldn't that be amazing?!

so how was your Monday?


Nadine said…
I love to take vacations - coming home to responsibilities - not as much fun.

I will keep J in prayer as he continues toward the healing I'm praying for him for.
Shash said…
I agree, vacation land is sooo much better than reality.

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