update on Foo

I had the specialist appt today for Foo, for her tonsils and adenoids. The poor girls snoring has gotten so bad her roommate moved out!! She sounds like she is gasping for air half the night and I started to wonder how much oxygen is she actually getting? I wonder if that is why she is a lower energy level child? so I shared all this with the specialist and he came to the conclusion that she would benefit from having the surgery.
I felt relieved I have to admit, maybe just maybe the child will sleep through the night? I have only been waiting for almost 7 years! maybe the snoring will go away? maybe I won't have mini panic attacks when I waiting to hear the gasp in between staggered breaths? maybe this will help to improve her speech?
Then the Dr went over all the risks of the surgery, 1 in 20 chance that she will bleed to much and will have to have a 2nd surgery to sew it back up. Of course the risks of the general antiseptic. That part all scares me, not looking forward to her being in pain either! I get to stay overnight with her in the hospital and that is so great, my mom was not able to stay with me when I had my tonsils out when I was 11. I remember waking up and hurting so bad. I dread all that with Foo, dread seeing her in pain, dread knowing that I am the one signing the order for her to be in that pain.
Hopefully things for her will get better. I just have to trust that we are doing the right thing and that she truly will benefit from it. She is scheduled for June 30th, and she will need about 10-14 days to recover.

update on J

he has always had good and bad days, lately he has been having a lot of bad days. The numbness is in his face and he is feeling really really tired. His walking is not great right now. This all brings him down and then it becomes a bit of a downward spiral. He does manage to pull himself back up and keeps going, what else is he going to do?! he hasn't gone to get the test the Dr ordered yet...he keeps putting it off, sometimes cuz he has been busy working but I think he is just avoiding it!

update on our house

well it's listed....the tenants seem to be playing games with the realtor, had him drive out there yesterday so he could pick up a key and take pictures and not only did they NOT have a key they didn't even bother tidying up the house, the realtor was not too impressed and he said that it will be hard to sell if they don't clean up! um yah good times!

update on M

as much as this teenager....who will be 15 this month!! holy cow! has made some really bad choices lately she also made a really good one! she had a 17 year old boy calling her for the past little while, she know she is not allowed to date, and so when he finally asked her to "go out with him", she told him no. For one she was not interested in him that way (PHEW), 2 she is not allowed to date (GOOD GIRL), and 3 he is 2 years older than her (SMART GIRL).....those were her answers! I was SOOOO relieved! She told me that she is happy that we don't let her date, she sees her friends all torn up over boys and she is glad to not have that distraction. YES she actually listens to stuff we say!! so we are really proud of her for that very good choice! it's not to say that she doesn't notice boys but she is happy just being friends with them, J can put his rifles away for now :)


Shash said…
Can you order a house cleaner and charge your tenants for it?

I remember when you got your tonsils out, you sounded so different afterward. You no longer talked through your nose (nasally).

It was quite the year for mom and surgeries, I had my ear reconstruction surgery around the same time.

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