tax time

dreaded time is here, I am up to my eyeballs and that is almost literally! since moving South I have been less than diligent in my filing, and that is putting it mildly. So here I sit with mounds of paper, so glad I found my moving receipts, or most of them anyways!
I do books for a living and it's true what they say about being bad at what you do for work for yourself! and J being a plumber well lets just say that every house I have lived in I have had buckets for a VERY long time under the sinks!'s true of us anyways!

I think I will be done tomorrow, I hope at any rate.

other random thoughts.....

We are meeting with our students mom tomorrow for dinner, should be interesting, trying to keep up a conversation in broken english for a long period of time! It has been nice having the break from our student, she has been gone since mid March and won't come back till the 6th of April!

My tenants are certifiably crazy. They are making showing our house so difficult, I really am stressed out by the whole situation! Like I get an email from them and I literally start shaking and my heart starts pounding then it starts hurting and I get heart burn for a few hours, last week for a WHOLE evening, it was brutal. They are moving out early, and at this point I don't care that we are going to have pay the mortgage and not dealing with them anymore will be worth it! I am going to head up there next month to do the final walk through and then clean the place really good. It will be nice to go up there, I haven't been since we moved in Aug and I am missing my friends!


Anonymous said…
Hey go to and under resourses they are putting up mp3s of our services and you should be able to get the one that Patti preached. She is really good.

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