overwhelming relief

so now that the results are in I have overwhelming relief.

I know now what it is like to hold my breath for 7 days!

We got a requisition in the mail last Thursday for J to get a full body X-Ray. He went and had them done on Friday. The order was looking for lytic lesions. On Monday J was called back in to the hospital for more X-rays, apparently they saw something suspicious and wanted another look. They confirmed Monday that they found a lesion on his left leg. Tuesday J went in for more blood tests, both technicians said to J "oh you poor guy" and when J was questioning/making conversation about why one has to fast water for the tests, the tech replied "a guy in your condition should make sure they follow all the rules".....um talk about freaking us out! totally freaking me out! Tuesday afternoon I called J's Neurologist to ask what is going on, left a message. Wednesday morning J called his Dr, they said come in and see her at 2:30, that was the longest morning ever! We got there she said yes they found a lesion and we need more X-rays, so we drove down the road and he had another series of X-rays. We got back to the Dr's office and she had the report called in to her and she told us at 3:55 that the lesion is benign! ahhhhhhhhhhhh what a relief! a magical word!

overwhelming relief!

that was such amazing news, I was in such a ball of tightly reigned in emotions....and some emotions not so reigned in :)

the downside of the dr's visit was a confirmation that the CIDP is relapsing and he needs to start IVIG treatments right away and needs to go back on steroids. I can see the physical results of the relapse already, when it hits it hits really hard. This is the 3rd relapse in just over 2 years...or I should say 2nd relapse as the first one wouldn't be considered a relapse.....anyways you get the point. So as much as we are disappointed that the CIDP is rearing it's ugly head we are so relieved that it is not cancer. That makes it not seem so bad.
Just a little perspective.

ETA: to answer Cara's question, we are actually not able to get away right now, we had hoped to go away next week but some things came up and now it turns out that J will be in the hospital (out-patient) getting his IVIG treatments and they usually make him quite sick, and now that we know he is in a relapse we have cancelled any holiday plans in the near future. I think this is the life of living with CIDP, when it is active we have to rethink our plans and watch our pennies as we don't know how hard it will hit and how much he is able to work. We are tentatively planning on going to Cali in July......have to have a goal! we will go, we just have to be patient for the when part!


cara said…
Oh whew! You guys must be so relieved!! But it's a big time bummer that the CIDP has flared up again. Such an up and down roller coaster and not the fun kind.

Now you need to get yourself on that vacation! Is everything working out for it yet?
MugwumpMom said…
What a relief. Am praying the relapse is short, and of little impact. And the treatment has no ill effects.
Rachelle xo said…
Your family is in my thoughts. I hope the relapse is short lived and you get to go on your holiday....you definately need it.

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