letters to my girls

My darling little girls, well not THAT little anymore but always my babies! I have something very important to tell you.....something that you will need to know when you yourselves are mothers. It is the rights and wrongs about being sick! yup...did you know there is a right and wrong way to puke?! well I hope by now you have learned!

but just in case......

When your tummy is feeling queasy and your mouth starts to water....run...do NOT walk...but run to the toilet, where hopefully you will have a nice lined garbage can beside the toilet. Then sit on the toilet while you throw up into the LINED garbage can...I really can't stress the lining of the garbage can enough! seriously makes clean up so much easier and cheaper then throwing out the messed up garbage can cuz you just can't bring yourself to clean up anymore puke so you let it sit till it dries all out and then there is no way to clean it quickly and without elbow grease and let's face it...at this point throwing the whole can out is sooooooooooooo much easier! so LINE your garbage cans, and if you are wondering why our's weren't always lined....well cuz I forget and that is besides the point! You also may wonder why I say to sit on the toilet while you throw up and let's just leave it at the fact that after you have 4 children you will want to do it that way.

Cleaning up puke is my most least favorite thing to clean up, I usually make daddy do it as he can gut a freshly killed animal therefore it just makes sense that he can handle the smell texture and RANK that is puke. Not me. I am a lady. I think cleaning up puke should be a blue job! if I haven't taught you well enough by now blue job = mens jobs / pink job = ladies jobs. Last night Foo and Em you both got sick....at the same time and I ran from one toilet to the next...and while Em you have learned by now the art of making it to the toilet, Foo....not so much! not only did you get it all over your bed...soaking right to the mattress, you missed the bathroom door at least but got the carpet and pretty much I had to clean from entrance to toilet as you hit more square footage then you missed. Seriously I couldn't believe I didn't add to it myself, it was that bad. I thought to myself oh man I am not going to get any sleep again tonight! but thankfully you both politely puked in the toilet the rest of the night and let your dear old mom sleep! thank you! so I will not complain about the mess on the toilet seats this morning!!

Having a larger family usually means that your kids get sick more, I think it is just simple logistics more kids around more people = bigger chance of getting other peoples germs! So if you do decide to have bigger families, be prepared, buy loads of garbage can liners! however you can be sure that along with a ton of puke, your house will be full of love, full of laughter, full of joy and happiness that fills your heart everyday.........mixed with many days of feeling that you want to pull your hair out...or theirs! but it is worth it! it's worth all of it! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


Shash said…
I can't clean up puke either, it's so a blue job!!! Thankfully my kids have only been sick once since last summer, with the puke monster and thankfully they've all learned mommy can't handle it so they make it to the toilet on time.
I just stopped by and browsed around a bit - you are a beautiful mama - and should be so proud of your weight loss so far - great job! I will be praying for your hubby's health. :)

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