day 2 in Seattle, WA

well this morning started a little earlier than what J and I would have liked, apparently my girls are a bit of stress cases and felt the NEED to set their alarm so they wouldn't miss the free breakfast served from 6:30-9:30 and were up and ready to walk out the door at 8. We were seriously contemplating letting them go down without us but then we woke fully up and realised setting our 4 monkeys loose in the hotel would probably not be so wise. So we got up and then Foo said to me "don't you have to go to work? oh no? then why don't you want to have breakfast with us", it broke my heart! so we really got our buts in gear then.

Breakfast was good, J got a good ole American breakfast of biscuits and gravy and some of the girls had fresh waffles and the rest of us had fresh bagels and cream cheese. It was really good.

Then we headed over to the Space Needle.....we didn't know it was so expensive but we tried to not to worry, stress, freak over it and just enjoyed the amazing view. We also had a nice Starbucks coffee while overlooking over the entire city....pretty amazing! Then we made our way downstairs and out to the Science turns out we saved $1 and got a membership so we can come back 5 times in 1 year and get 15 passes to IMAX and BC IMAX theaters will even honor it so was a good deal. They have an amazing exhibit on butterflies and we got to walk thru this atrium full of butterflies, they were landing on people and were everywhere, it was sooooooooooooo cool. Then we went to watch the IMAX Survivor Island which was really good, and walked through more exhibits. I think you could spend days there there is so much to see.

After all that we hit McD's for lunch... I know gross but our budget has already gone out the window, and it was amazing to us at the age range of people working there. In the McD's at home there is mostly students working with a hand full of more mature people, here there were no students and I would say the average age was 40+.

Then we napped. Well J and I needed a nap! he is such a trooper, I could tell by about 2 he was done and yet he doesn't complain, just keeps on walking maybe a tad slower but on he goes. If it was me or the girls you know there would be a ton of whining but not him, he is just happy to be with his family and that is so beautiful to me.

After the nap I took the girls to swim some more and then we got dressed and went on the hunt for somewhere interesting to eat. We found it! we ate at Mama's Kitchen and had really really good Mexican food! and really well priced too! the place is so exclectic and even the people that work there are interesting to look at! the girls got a bit nervous walking the downtown streets at night and getting asked if we want to buy a paper on homelessness from a homeless person that didn't want to take a no thank you for an answer. I ate the biggest burrito EVER...and threw my last hopes of hanging on in my biggest looser challenge. I am pretty sure that I have been gaining weight.....stress seems to do that to me and if you follow my blog I have had some pretty major stress lately. Anyways, it was a great meal! and if you are in Seattle and are hungry for Mexican then I recommend going to Mama's Kitchen!

ok well I am going to have a hot bath and then watch some movies and then snuggle into my amazingly comfy bed! seriously this bed is more comfy than my bed at home!

tomorrow we are off to Pike's Market and then we are heading to some outlet shopping!


Shash said…
If you got your coffee from the Starbucks in Pike's, it was the first store eh, older than me!

Are you going to do the Underground City??

Did you know that Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix are buried there (Capital Hill)?

Sorry, I retain strange information that seems to be only good at dull parties. :-)

P.S. Get a pillow top for your bed at home, that's what makes the hotel beds soooo nice!! It's worth it.
Dawn said…
Seattle is a wonderful place to visit - glad you missed their rough winter! I've heard the traffic has gotten horrific there, though!

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