cuddle moments

My baby will be 7 this year, actually in just a matter of a few short months! so bizarre. She is behind in school, we are in the process of trying to figure out what her learning disabilities are, we are all pretty sure she has them, we (teacher, LST teacher, speech therapist, family dr) are just not sure what it is yet. She is not at grade 1 reading level yet, she is also behind in some math concepts. Reading her report card is such a mixed bag for me as the teacher LOVES her and loves having her in her class and for a lot of things, concepts mostly, she is doing just fine, but in the areas she struggles she is REALLY struggling. As her mother this is so hard for me.

So we try to read together most nights, there is so many other areas I need to work with her on a daily basis and I go through great periods of time when I do that really consistently and other times like right now when there seems to be SO much going on that I am lacking in the consistency department. Anyways it is my favorite part of the day, when she brings me a book and snuggles right into my lap, all 80 pounds of her!!! she is not a little little girl!! she will most likely be 6'1" according to our Dr!! she wears size 10 pants/shirts!! she lays her head back on my chest and we read her book together. She tries really really hard. Sometimes she does really well sounding out the words putting her finger over a bigger word so she can break it down. Sometimes she gets really frustrated and gives up after only a couple of pages. We usually get about half way thru the book when she tells me to read one side of the page and she reads the other.

Tonight we read "Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day" it is one of my favorites! Today it was perfect cuz it hasn't been such a good day and I am tempted to move to Australia. (J got called back in for more X-Rays, I will share the results with you as soon as he gives me permission too, which will be when we learn more about what is really going on)......anyways sitting with Foo on my lap, having her unconsciously rub my cheek, those are the moments that I treasure. I love all my girls, all in different ways and none more than the other, there is just something about this baby girl, with her heart so full of ready love to give away, freely given hugs and simple and unsolicited "I love you momma" that fill my heart to overflowing.

I will remember these moments Foo till the end of time, the moments when you are learning to read, learning to overcome some obstacles of the way your brain processes and the love you give to me so readily.

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be....another fav book!


MugwumpMom said…
She will remember them too. And those memories will ground her, just as the memories of your other girls will ground them. You're a good mother!
Shash said…
yes, yes you are!!!

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