coming to you from Seattle Washington

We are on a little family holiday in Seattle right now. We actually managed to sneak away for a couple of nights and I am soooooooooooo happy I can hardly believe it. Originally we thought we would go to Harrison Hot Springs closer to home but they were sold out and I was almost in tears! we have a gift certificate for the resort there and I was so looking forward to going, but once the hospital finally worked out J's treatments they were sold out. He has never gone to our local hospital for his treatments before and originally were going to book him starting today and then I asked oh is he only have 1-2 days of treatments? the nurse said no 5, so I reminded her that THEIR hospital doesn't do out patient IVIG treatments on the weekends!!! um anyways he starts I was discouraged, it felt like nothing ever works out for us when it comes to taking some holidays, something I am sad to say we have rarely ever ever done as a family!!

we decided to not make any plans, that way they can't be spoiled, and head south! so after some panick looking for birth certificates, here we are....... we sat at the border for a little over an hour, were reminded by the crossing guard that we need to get our passports as of June 1st....yikes..... and drove to La Conner. This has always been one of our favorite places to visit. Let me say J and I were both so disappointed. I guess the "recession" has hit it and we couldn't believe how many stores were closed. Maybe it is the time of year as well but we remember it vibrant full of tourists and it was like a ghost town....even the girls were like mom there is NO one here! so we changed our plans of going to Port Townsend thinking that we may just find the same thing there and drove straight to Seattle, we were going to come here tomorrow. We got a decent deal here at a hotel with a view of the Space Needle...and the hotel in front of us :) but it is a nice big room and it has a pool and free breakfast....a BIG $$ saver for us.

We went to the Crab Pot for dinner tonight. We have always wanted to go there and it was so worth the 45 min wait...while other large parties were seated before us even though we got there first.....the food was yummy,...a bit expensive....but worth the experience of your seafood, crab, clams, muscles, prawns, corn on the cob, sausage and potatoes being dumped on your table covered in paper ... that the girls colored on first oops good thing crayons are non-toxic... and then tied on bibs and gave our crab legs some good whacks with the wooden mallets. It was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we are going to head to the Children's museum and the Space Needle and continue on with our family long over due adventure!


Patti said…
don't foget to stop at a Trader Joes and pick up some cheap healthy food like brown rice pasta and other things like that...they are SOOOOOO much cheaper down there, they have a huge slection and you can bring them home no problem.

It's good for the budget.
Shash said…
We loved the Crab Pot. When Dave and I were dating, Mom and Dad took down to Seattle for the weekend. Dave hammered a crab leg and it sprayed all over Mom!! He thought he left a good first impression!! Pike's was awesome too, the flying fish, the colours from all the fruit and veggies and the flea market finds. That's where I got my incredible hat!! I love the unique items you can find there.

It's an amazing place to get away to and only 1 1/2 hrs from you!!! You should go more often.

So sad about La Conner, I wonder if that B & B is still there, the one with the big hammock... remember our own room. I thought we were so grown up!!

I love those little weekend escapes, DO IT MORE OFTEN!!! :-)

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