biggest looser challenge update

I have a little less than 1 month left in the biggest looser challenge I am in. YIKES! I have not lost as much as I was hoping to so far, probably cuz I hit a wall, cheated one too many times, and haven't been below 170 pounds in a very very long time. I am now!!! hurray! I am 169, which means I have lost 14 pounds! I wanted to lose 30 pounds, which is a big goal in a short time but I am happy with what I have lost and now want to kick it up a notch before the month ends.
All I have done is watch what I eat, totally increase the amount of water I drink and cut out a lot of fats and sugars. I don't cut out carbs, I want to start a new way of eating/living and carbs is a part of a balanced diet! I don't think it is realistic to completely cut them out! plus I am super super duper grouchy when I don't get a serving of carbs everyday!!!! and we all don't want that :)

I am going to try going to this place where you stand on a machine and it shakes you and you have to keep your balance and you do arm work outs while on makes you use your core and it is a total body work out in 10 minutes. My mom and oldest sister go and they said the inches are just dropping off. So I will try that a couple of times this week and I want to start going for walks.

The other morning I woke up looked in the mirror and stood there staring at myself for a few minutes with my mouth agape. J asked what I was doing, all I could say was "I am aging", gravity is no longer my friend!!! um yah it's sad!!! especially in certain parts of my body now that I have lost some weight! so I need to do some muscle strengthening!! and maybe a face lift! LOL
I have a big birthday this year, I can barely say it out loud, the thought of the number makes my heart palpitate and it's not even 40 yet!

So as long as I HAVE to be this number, I am going to do my best to look fantastic!!!

ETA: I weighed myself before I left the house and I am now 165! so yehaw that means I have lost 18


Shash said…
35 isn't old!!! oops... did I blow it?! :-) Just keep remembering that I only have a couple more years left until I turn 40 and that my friend is a scary thought!!!!!

You look marvelous!! How much is that shaking thing Mom is doing? Maybe I'll check if it's out here, send me the details. Gravity stopped being my friend after Jake's birth!!
Nadine said…
You look wonderful. Good for you - way to go.
Well done on the weight loss! You look great! Gravity is not my friend either...

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