things that make me go "grrrrrrrr"


I don't really have anything deep or meaningful to say! I know I continue to surprise you!!

I do want to quickly say that if you didn't read my comments from my last should! it was pretty amazing and a testimony. sister's church prayed for us, I know there were many others praying too, and what she felt led to pray for....that very night God moved in my Spirit as well! how cool is that!

so despite the fact that today J's face was almost completely numb, not a good sign in any physical sense, I am not falling apart. I have my peace and my center and that is such a great place to be!

it does take work to stay there, we are faced with some big decisions about our home up North and the housing prices are not looking so favorable, our tenants gave notice so we have to decide what steps to take now. that is not fun, not easy to decide, to trust in things not seen and unknown! ahhhhh but I walk it out every day, not looking at the BIG picture but taking it day by day...

so here I thought I didn't have anything big or deep to say!!!

anyways today I had a little moment of grrrrrrr, you know those times when your insides roll and you feel the injustice of it all, (nothing to do what I mentioned above directly), so instead of just sitting there stewing about it.... I did something, and you know it felt so much better!

I wrote a letter to my MLA! , comparable to a US congressman I think :), our gas/heat bill for Dec was over $700!! for ONE month! when I called the gas company they said they sent us an estimate and when they did an actual reading in Jan they saw that is was too high so they adjusted it in Jan, that is why Jan's bill was lower......really? I thought it was normal for us to pay around $200!! and to make it all that much better, they lowered the rates Jan 1st so we paid a higher rate for DEC's estimated bill, then to add insult to injury is the stupid uncalled for carbon tax that added another $30 to the monthly bill. Like as if it isn't expensive enough to pay necessary bills, and make ends meet! totally ridiculous. I also got choked when I was told by said gas company if I didn't pay it or keep calling to let them know when I would pay it they would cut my heat off in my home! shouldn't gas/heat be an essential service? how is that something that is a luxury? I don't get it, so I payed something towards it but I feel somehow cheated here!

I also made a comment about the Govt's recent 15-20% raise when the majority of us are just trying to get by! sickening! so instead of just complaining to anyone who would listen to me I emailed my member of parliment! so we shall see if he will listen or acknowledge me!

I will keep you posted

people who drive 15 kms under the speed limit and stop at green lights also make me go grrrrrrr

and people who don't pull over for ambulance's/fire trucks make me go grrrrrrrrr

what makes you go grrrrrrrrrrrrrr?


Cheri said…
People who don't pull into the intersection when making left turns....and then the light goes from red and they are still sitting there.
Shash said…
People who don't signal before changing lanes or turning.

p.s. You live in the capital of under the speed limit drivers!!! :-)

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