frustrated with travel plans

I am trying ever so hard to book my family a very needed holiday! I am getting so frustrated and that is an understatement!
First I am frustrated at myself cuz well I am nervous! this is a HUGE expense, a HUGE plan in the making and I have never had to do this for a family before!
Second cuz most "package" deals do NOT include a family of 6!
Third cuz every time I think oh I found one and I go through the final booking process, guess what? at the last minute the price changes or that deal is no longer available.
Fourth cuz I just want to go already!
Fifth cuz I still just really want to go already!
Sixth cuz I am afraid of picking a bad hotel/resort/package and getting bed bugs! yup that's what working at a hotel for over a year does to you! and NOTE to all readers! DO NOT SLEEP WITH THE COMFORTER!!! they hardly get washed!
Seventh cuz I still really really want to go already!
Eighth cuz this feels like so much work and I am afraid it will not really happen.
Ninth cuz I wonder if I searched harder/longer I would find a better priced package.
Tenth cuz I am not sure if I should just call a travel agent already.....
Eleventh cuz I just remembered that I have called 2 and got 2 different answers regarding passport regulations and then the one didn't even call back when I said can you look for us in April then?
Twelfth cuz...... of all the above!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know I should not complain cuz we are actually going to go somewhere, sometime, soonish, we hope :)

Edited to add: well we finally made a decision! I couldn't believe how hard it was to make! and this is more $$ then we have ever budgeted to spend...on anything outside of vehicles, the big problem is our budget wasn't really realistic to the actual cost of going to Disneyland or Mexico right now, so, we have decided to wait till J's project is done and then we are going to drive. Take in the Oregon coastline and make our way down to Disneyland, and take our time. I think that is the most relaxed way to finally have a BIG holiday after 13 1/2 years of marriage and when I think of that I feel so sad that we haven't made it a priority before!

and to my negative anonymous commenter of which I choose to not publish especially when you don't sign your name! no one is forcing you to read this!
you don't know me nor know the tone of which I write!


Shash said…
A lady in the church used to clean hotels, she told us never to use the top comforter either, she was so surprised and grossed out that they wouldn't let her wash it. I saw a special on TV about how dirty hotel rooms were, they used a black light and you don't want to know what they found and where they found it!!! YUCK

So with your vacation. You need to make a priority list first of all. Location? Max Cost? What would you like to do? Is just getting away more important than where you go?

If you're going for cheap, then Disney is not your place to go this year. Something you could save for for next year though. The cheapest vacation includes no amusement parks. So do you want to relax on a beach? Do you want to go camping?

I would recommend a beach house within driving distance if you're just needing to go away with the family.

When we've needed to just get away, we've gone 2 hrs north to a resort. Stayed in a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen. They always had a pool and some even had organized kid's activities during the week.

Once you've answered what the priority of the vacation is, you'll have an easier time planning the trip.
Jensboys said…
We went to Disneyland last year and I can reccomend a GREAT travel agent. I got all six of us there, we stayed in the Marriot Suites (two bedrooms - one with bunk beds, a hide a bed, full kitchen, breakfast and some suppers included)a five day park hopper pass and air fare from Vancouver for $4600. She was AMAZING.

I would definitely go with a travel agent -- she was able to arrange all sorts of little details for us, our itinerary etc for way easier and less stress than we could have done it ourselves. Its worth it.

Shash said…
I think you should have posted the comment from "anonymous" so that I could take a piece off of them afterward. They obviously don't read your blog to know what you've been going through. It was a comment out of pure ignorance and that's no excuse, that's stupidity when you comment without knowing what you're commenting on. They should have done their homework before opening their mouths!
Theresa said…
Hi, I hope you have a wonderful vacation with lots of great memories that will last a lifetime. I would love to go on vacation too, but this year has taken quite a toll on us financially and getting out of debt is our priority.
Shauna said…
I am new here! What a great blog :)
Reg said…
Good idea to drive there and "TAKE YOUR TIME". We did that when we were kids and I never have forgotten it. Stop often and enjoy the coastline especially. For me Disneyland was not even the highlight. The stops and the things we got to see and explore were. The real world was so much better than the make believe one.


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