decision to be made

do you ever wish that for some decisions you could be just a little child again and NOT be responsible? sometimes I do. I tell my girls to treasure being young and not having big responsibilities!

we have a big decision to make, one that has a lot of emotions attached to it, one that is hard for us to make. how do you come to that decision? well, a lot of prayer, talking, weighing out all your options to name a few, and still when faced with making it, it is still hard.

it's funny how sometimes things come full circle and tie together when you are not even looking for it, hopefully this post will all tie together too! :)

last night J, M and I had quite a discussion.....well a blow out to be honest! this morning I was able to have a really good heart to heart with M. She will be 15 next month...blows my mind! anyways I remember how confusing that age is, how it is hard to find yourself in your ever changing body and mind and emotions! I talked to her about lying, and the choices she makes. I talked about how the ripple effect of her choices affects all those around her and even people she hasn't met yet. I was able to get some real good "this is what happens when you make bad choices" examples in. For the most part I think she really got it. I explained that in the end of your life it doesn't really matter what university you went too or what your job was, it's relationships that matter. Who will be standing with you, who walked with you throughout your life. That is what matters. What really matters!! Our Pastor on Sunday gave a great message on relationships and that for Jesus it is about relationship not religion, so I was able to tie that all in too.

I told her to picture her life like a boat, and while she is young her dad and I are the ones steering the ship, we are the Captains, now that she is almost 15 she has a hand on the steering wheel now too. She is starting to have some control over what path she takes. As long as she lives in our house her dad and I will have a hand on the wheel but she is starting to control the path the boat is on. So I asked her, where are you going? what path are you headed down? I think/hope that she got it.

Then after work today I went to my mother in laws and after talking to her about the decision that we have to make and about what M and I had talked about she said, you have to make a decision on where you are going, you are wanting God to answer your prayers that you haven't made your mind up on, you have to start moving in a certain direction ( ok I hope I got that right, it's the general gist anyways ), she said it's like being in that boat, you have to start moving. Make a decision, pray about it and make it, then ask God to help you along the way, but we have to make a decision.

Earlier my mom said at lunch, a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, it's true, we have to make a decision, we have to start heading in one direction instead of being in nomad's land, it is affecting our kids and our home life. It's hard to sail down the path that you want to be on when you have thrown down an anchor!

We have to remember who else has their hand on our steering wheel on our ship! it's our Father! so as much as I want M to get this, to really get it while walking through this transition time in her life I realize that J and I need to get it too.

so we are getting closer to making the decision with all the dificulties and emotions but we just have to do it and then trust that our Father is guiding us along the way and hope that our girls will learn by our example.

k not so sure I tied that all together..maybe still be a bit jammbled!! hey it's a work in progress

(and just in case you are wondering our decison has nothing to do with M!! it has to do with our house up North)


Shash said…
In making your decisions remember not to make those ones that are fear based. Those ones just come back to bite you in your backside down the road.
Dawn said…
Good parent advice!
MugwumpMom said…
Reminds me of something Pam once's easier for God to steer a ship that is sailing off course, then it is for Him to push it out of the dry dock in the first place....He wants us "moving"...taking steps, and it's those STEPS that He directs.
I had a dream the other night, a very powerful one..and I'll post it on my blog in the next little while, but the reason I mention it here is because I think it may be helpful in encouraging you in what you are going thru....

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