baby steps

I love feet! hence the picture, I think babies feet are the most delicious thing ever! the crinkles in their toes, the creases in their ankles, even the smell! yup I am strange like that but I LOVE the way baby feet smell! those are my babies feet, age 6 and size 3!!! not so little anymore :(

anyways I digress!

this morning as I sit here looking at the Ocean, enjoying the sunshine I can't help but feel the peace of knowing that our steps are ordered of the Lord. I still crapple with the emotions and have to quiet the fears but overall since I heard Him tell me "I've got you, I love you, I know the way" I have had peace. Not always the peace that passes all understanding cuz I certainly don't understand!! but I have enough peace to sustain me, to see me through walking this out. And for me that is enough.

So while I am sad at the thought of selling our house, going to miss my neighbors up there immensly! seriously she is one of the best friends I have ever had, a true friend and I know we always will be, which is a small comfort cuz it was so great living next door to her! we will miss that laid back lifestyle where you can make plans with people that week and not 3 months down the road!! there are no line ups at Wallmart! you can find a parking spot right away, there is NO traffic, the country school with the most amazing principal! the friendships I made and the kids made, but I know we have to take this step, we had to make a decision and take a step forward.

I think now that we did we can rest that He is also driving our ship! He has His hands on the wheel and will help get us where we need to go.

I am glad I have that peace. I don't know how people who don't know Him go through tough times! I really don't!


Dawn said…
I'm glad you have peace in the midst of sadness.

I love baby feet too, and get to see two sets every day and smell them and rub them. I need to take some pictures!
Nadine said…
I understand what you mean - without Him peace is difficult.
Heidi said…
I hear you! Altbough I don't REALLY KNOW the Lord as YOU, I can learn lots from your posts. They are inspiring and I'm glad we 'met'. I do find peace with Him though and I work all the time on my relationship with him. Glad you're here now! I wish I was close enough to go look out at the Ocean!

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