unexpected .......

our tree this year was massive, like really really really huge! I loved it, it was the major focal point of our upstairs! gee you think??!! it probably lacked in the decoration department even with every single child made ornament I have managed to save over the years!! but to me it was great. Today J took it to the dump (to be ground up) and I got the lovely pleasure of cleaning up the needles, OH MY GOSH the needles! piles of needles, it didn't look like it was dropping to many but upon squishing it back out our front door and all through our living room it made quite a mess. J bought me a small wet/dry vac to clean it up as to not break our vacuum cleaner, which sucks and I covet me a dyson but my machine actually gets clogged quite easily. Well so did the brand new supposed to suck up anything and everything wet/dry vac stupid machine.....it was brutal...on my hands and knees scraping the floor with the small short hose.....then I thought well this is good exercise, unexpected but good! so then I tried to be all positive and squeeze my core muscles....that lasted about 5 seconds but all in all I think I got a bit of a decent work out in.


I proceeded to the kitchen where this morning I discovered we have yet another unexpected house guest! you see yesterday our new exchange student arrived. She goes to the girls school, is actually in Em's class is 10 years old and will be with us the rest of the school year. So back to my unexpected guest, yes well I opened a cupboard to get a dishwasher cascade puck ( my TOTAL fav's and totally work amazing...but I digress) and low and behold what do I see but a pile of OHMYGOSHTHATISTOOBIGTOBEMOUSEPOO....and so I had my property manager call a pest control goddess and they came tonight and baited. I did have a mouse 1 time before..I blogged about it 2006!! and even lost a friend over it! yup I am amazing like that! anyways this too big to be a mouse confirmed by pest control saviour came and said it is not that uncommon right now with all the really cold weather we have been having, he has had to make a ton more calls than normal. SO IT'S NOT JUST CUZ I SUCK AT HOUSECLEANING (although it is not great I confess). phew what a day. So I cleaned it all out with my powerful hahaha wet/dry vac that now smells like Christmas trees, threw a bunch of chewed thru bags of raisens, must be the little gaffers favorite, wiped it all down with cleaners, left the bait trays and re-packaged some stuff in tupperwares, scrubbed my floors, scrubbed the cupboard faces off and tried to remove the general sense of ewwwwwwwww from my kitchen.

after over 13 hours straight of work, driving kids to Dr's appointments (another post), picking up prescriptions, getting a few groceries while I wait for said prescriptions, making dinner, picking up exchange student, dropping daughter off at granma's, cleaning, I finally now get to sit.

wait I can hear my student crying, that is a little unexpected too....poor thing better go


Nadine said…
A major reason we have a fake tree. It was my job as a kid to clean up after the "real" tree.

I hope that your unexpected rude house guest that leaves big piles of poo doesn't come back.

Hope the exchange student is okay.
Shash said…
was it a mouse or a rat? there's lots of rats in the town you live in.
Looney Mom™ said…
We had mice in our garage a few years back - so gross. They never made it to the kitchen but they sure did like the sugar in the pantry.

We finally we got rid of them with some poison packs. I don't ever want to repeat that again. I pray that the critters will be gone and stay gone.

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