I think I am in survival mode, in fact I know it.

This week has been crazy! after covering for my mom for the past 3 weeks which added to the full time I recently started at work which made for several 10 hour days, a new student, and Em's party yesterday, I think I am must be on auto pilot to still be standing!

I ended my last post with my student crying, she cried for the first 2 nights. She couldn't sleep either with the time change from Korea (she has been in Canada since May 08 but went home for Christmas). We are her 3rd home stay and now I am beginning to see why the organizers said she takes "many hands". I wasn't quite sure what they meant by that but I am beginning to. I am getting the picture that she is quite spoiled by her parents. She is quite loud, and to be petty and hopefully not too mean, she has a strange voice, it has a loud whinning echoing sound to it that is hard to explain. She is afraid of everything, she doesn't want to go downstairs by herself, have a shower without one of the other girls standing in the bathroom cuz she doesn't like it when all she can hear is the water. She is afraid at bedtime and makes up times when she hears the girls in the morning and says they woke her up....when I know we all were sleeping! so it's a bit strange. Yesterday we had Em's birthday party and when she felt she was being left out she stormed to her room and cried until her nose bled! apparently her nose always bleeds when she cries. She was mad at Em for not playing with her more at school and was yelling "I thought you were my friend", it was a little crazy and a lot annoying. I told her that she lives here now and just like the girls get tired of playing with each other, she cannot expect them to always want to play with her all the time. I am a little worried about how this is going to work. We have done students on and off for the past almost 7 years, the $ helps and we have for the most part always loved our students all the time. I get the feeling that this time it may not be like that and I wonder how I am going to survive the next 6 months?

This week I also took M and H to different Doctors for different reasons.

M was put on some medication to help her acne, it is quite bad and all over her back and even chest. I recently had her hair cut quite short and she was so embarrased that anyone see it. Creams and different products haven't really been working, probably cuz she is not consistant but I thought it was time to get something stronger and quicker. She said already her skin is less itchy and I hope that means it won't take long to clear up. I worry about her getting scaring!

H had a referral to a pediatrician in the steps to see if she has ADHD. I didn't go there even expecting the Dr to say that which might be denial on my part and when she did I felt.... I don't even know, the whole thing was strange for me. Not that I think having a child with ADHD is a bad thing!! I do sometimes wonder at the amount of kids with ADHD! why so many? I know kids who geniunely have ADD and/or ADHD and think it is great for the answers to the parents questions but when it came to H, I don't know I felt like taking her to the Dr was a mixture of failure on my part, betrayel to her, and a lack of faith. She didn't say at this point if she does have ADHD because apparently there is quite a bit of testing that they do. What she said is she wonders if she might be ADHD and/or have learning disabilities and/or have anxiety issues. I took her to my family GP b/c I was worried about the anxiety that I see in her, some odd behaviour and the general daily fight I have with her! She has quite the mood swings and unjustifiable anger sometimes, these things not only exhaust me dealing with them, they worry me.

So there is just a quick blurb about the rest of my week. Ending it last night with having 6 extra little girls sleep over and keep me up until2:30 am with J gone ice fishing to the cabin was just the icing on the cake! cuz I am crazy like that I guess! I should go get the sleeping princess's up as their parents should be arriving soon!


Susan Briggs said…
oh my! quite a night, or week you have had!! We've had many Int'l students as well, and I remember one 11 yr old from China that had serious 'emotional' problems. It was very difficult, but it was a short stay, thank goodness! If anyone can calm her, it's you and your family : ) Good luck!
Jensboys said…
We have a kiddo with ADD (and some of the behaviors you describe) and well, to be blunt, medical help has absolutely been our saving grace. IT HELPS. Not a cure, not as a saving grace - but as part of a solution it does help.

Thinking of you guys. And your student sounds traumatized and dealing with severe anxiety - but that could be the foster parent training in me. The logic of sending a 9 or 10 year old to stay with strangers baffles me. Any of the parenting techniques that I would suggest would be based on the desire to form an attachment with her and help her see your family as her security, but seeing as she is only staying for a few months, I dont know if there is a point. My goodness - TEN - a baby.
Dawn said…
I didn't know exchange students were ever that young - I agree - too young! Bless your heart for taking her "on."

Kristen's stepson has been diagnosed with ADD, but his mom would not allow meds. Not a good situation for anybody.

What was the critter??

You are very busy - take care!

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