one day at a time .... still

I just noticed that my last post was my 500th post! wow... that many! and yet I have had this blog since 2006! so maybe not so many considering....anyways not what I came on to blog about, just a little tid bit.

So after have 2 confirmations last week about taking things one day at a time, asking my Father what I am to do day by day instead of getting overwhelmed by the BIG picture! I have to say that I am really trying! there are a few things on the back burner of my mind but I am not entirely sure that as a mother that in itself isn't just "normal".

I have an appt for Foo next month with a specialist about getting her tonsills out, she is snoring SO loud that no one wants to sleep with her in the same room and she doesn't like to be this means that the majority of us are not getting a good nights sleep. In fact it is so loud that we can hear her 40 feet from her bedroom with the TV on! and last night she was snuggling with me for a little bit and she was really laboring to breath, her chest was not doing the normal rythmic rising and falling but abrupt and jerky motions, so finally my GP agreed it is time for them to come out. I also talked to her speach pathologist and will be meeting her again Tues morning about foo and she basically said it is a mystery why she is struggling with speech, mostly the monotone she speaks with. She is hoping that taking her tonsills out will be the answer we are looking for. So I am glad, relieved even but it will be my first child's surgery and I have to admit that makes me nervous.

I also had another yes another talk with H's teacher. She is actually doing really well in school, she is trying really hard. We took up some advice and am trying a little experiment with her by giving her a little cup of coffee every morning. We were told that it acts like ridilin in that it stimulates the part of the brain that is how do I say it? basically functioning properly.. and calms them down. From what J and I can see it is actually working, which is so great on one hand and on the other kind of confirms the large possibility that she is ADD/ADHD, which I am still crapling my feelings on!

Yesterday we went and looked at some houses in a community about 15 min from where I work. The price range there is much more up our alley and we just wanted to see what our price range even looks like right now. It was really interesting and I couldn't help but LOVE one of them. I really liked another but the one with the indoor pool is my favorite! Buying in this price range will require us to sell our house up North and that kind of brings up a lot of emotions. Not sure if I am ready to do that, not sure I want to let it go BUT I think not letting it go is making "settling" here so much harder on all of us. On top of that I really don't like renting! our recent un-wanted house guest (rat!) ate the poison and the reason I know this is we can smell it rotting somewhere behind the cabinets in the a gagging smell. Now that I have smelled this up close and way too personaly I now know that the smell that aggrevated me from Aug-Dec under the stairs was indeed the same smell!! so obviously this house has a rat problem and that makes my skin crawl. On top of that there was water running down one of the inside walls and the paint is bubbling and now orange spores are clearly we have a problem here! this house has been rented out for 15 years and run down, it's sad when you think of what the lot is worth and the amazing Ocean view but I think it is at a tear down state and that is not a place where I want to live. I also don't want to go thru this again at another rental....and be paying such an outrageous amount to someone else instead of to a mortgage. So.. I think there within lies the answer. Now to get an answer from our renters who had mentioned at the beginning that they think they would want to buy it from we shall see.

so while I wait for these things to play out I have to remind myself to be aligned to what my Father is saying and know that all I can do and have to do is take things one day at a time....still!


Dawn said…
They don't take out tonsils very often these days. I sure hope it solves all of the problems!

Coffee for ADD? Seems opposite, but if it works - hey!
Cheri said… indoor pool. :-)
500, I still haven't reach 200 in 2 years.

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