the curious case of benjamin button

We saw the curious case of benjamin button last night. I loved it. Although it was a different movie and not at all realistic, it was a great story! I love a good story and I love creative story telling and this movie had it. Great acting by both Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett! extremely well done special effects! it was totally captivating for me.

It was totally worth seeing, J said he would wait till it comes out on video and that it was different, not everyone will like it but he quite enjoyed it.

There was one part of the movie that really spoke to me. Sometimes I really feel God speak to me through movies! anyways there is a character in the movie who is elderly and keeps asking Benjamin, "did I ever tell you that I was struck by lightening 7 times" and then throughout the movie tells of what he was doing the different times he was struck by lightening. Closer to the end of the movie the same man is sitting on his bed and Benjamin walks down the hall, stops when he sees the man, and the man says what he always says, then the man says something along the lines of , you know I don't always remember my name, don't always know where I am, my ears don't work so well and I am practically blind and my body doesn't work, and yet I can still remember that I was struck by lightening 7 times, I guess God is wanting to remind me that I am lucky to be alive. Now I am probably butchering it but you get the jist of what he was saying. It totally struck me, no matter how he was currently doing or what his current situation was God was reminding him of the grace he was extended. Not sure if anyone else understands what I am trying to say but for me it was like in the midst of chaos and even in bad times and times of deteriation we need to remember the good, the blessings and what He has done for us.

anyone else seen it? what are your thoughts on the movie?


Cheryl said…
I too am glad to be alive!
Cheryl said…
I too am glad to be alive!
Nadine said…
I didn't see the movie but I understand what you're saying. It's great to be alive and no matter else is going on we should remember that life is precious.
Dawn said…
I hope to see that movie - I don't go to the theater, so will wait till it comes out to watch at home. I don't care for Brad Pitt as a person, but will watch this movie and forget who he is in real life. I think your spiritual application is great.

Kev and Sema are coming back from Kenya this week - their first trip to her home in 6 years!
Looney Mom™ said…
I might have to see that one. Sounds good.

And OMG I can't believe you read all 4 Twilight books in a week! That's amazing! I'm half way through the 4th. I can't wait to finish it. It's making me anxious! LOL!

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