always changing, if there is one thing that my friends have always said to me over the years is that with me and my family, we are ALWAYS changing our minds! maybe we are different but I think it is more that we TALK and TALK about our....thinking pathways..... and so people think that? I am not but that sounds good to me so I am going with it!

all that to say that ...... after talking to Foo's speach pathologist I think it might be wise for us to keep the kids in the same school! I think moving Foo at this stage could really not do her any benefits. Talking to the speach pathologist was so interesting, they do SO many tests and learn so much about how the brain works! it's so much more than just helping kids talk/pronounciate properly. After all the testing they are not entirely sure what the problem is with Foo, if there is a "problem" at all. She is hoping that after she gets her tonsills out things will get better for her. She actually scored above average in her comprehensive language! she was so impressed with how Foo can carry a conversation! she was impressed with how Foo tried to trick her into telling her the right answers! I think the bottom line was in a lot of areas Foo is way way ahead of her age group but there are a couple of areas where she is way way below her age group. The pathologist is puzzled by Foo's monotone voice, again hoping that it is due to her tonsills, but overall said there is a few points that they will be monitoring her. It could be that she has an actual disability that makes it impossible for Foo to filter out background noise, I had no idea there was actually a disability like that....outside ADD. The other thing that is a point of concern is that she seems to struggle with a memory issue, I can't remember what exactly she said!! there was so much info to absorb! I think it was an expressive memory issue. She has a huge vocabulary, a huge range of language skills, but she does not know her alphabet by rote or the days of the week of months of the year. Those things are individual symbols with individual meanings and Foo seems to have a hard time getting those into her memory. After talking to her about H, she wants to test her for the same things as Foo as she said it really sounds like that the filtering out background noise is the same issue. So my girls are getting results, they have a team of teachers that are working together for the benefit of my babies, this is a good thing. I feel so glad, I am not really wanting to move them and start this all over again. I know that the files go with them but I do feel it could hinder the progress that is being made.

The other reason I am reluctant to move to another community is that my girls have made friends relatively close to our house, all within the school's catchment and they have been riding bikes and rollerblading almost every day. That is so great and they are not wanting to change that either. To move Morgan to another high school would also be really really hard on her and we don't want to do that either.

We also really love our church. J said it is amazing how at home we feel and how we KNOW that we are supposed to be there. I don't want to move farther away from that.

I also work here.

so....... I think it is safe to say that we should stay close to where we are living now, even if that means less of a house and less of a yard for more.

* getting sick of smells, the dead rat smell was so bad, J cut threw the cupboards and found it! he threw up. SO gross. then tonight we could smell something else, we just bought 1/4 of a cow on Saturday, J took the boxes down stairs and told our girls to put the meat in the freezer....well they missed a box....SOOOOOOOOOOO GROSS, and SUCH a waste of $$ that both equally make us sick! sometimes when so many things like this seem to happen it gets very frustrating!! and that is putting it lightly!


Nadine said…
Gross - dead rate smell - no wonder he threw up. Sorry about the bad meat - that is a shame. Sounds like the girls are getting great care and help - what a blessings.
Dawn said…
EWWW! Bad news following good news!
Shash said…
k, totally EW on the rat and the rotting beef, I am gagging just thinking about it. The kids are laughing at my face as I read this!!!

I think considering the long term effect on moving again is a good thing, it's so rare these days for people to think about the bigger picture. And it is ok to think out loud, Dave and I get into trouble with people who don't understand that just because we think out loud and say something that it is going to happen. It's a part of dreaming and I wish more people would do it!!

We grew up in the home of a dreamer and I hope to impart it into my own children. Continue to think big and great thoughts, don't limit them to the current situation or to anyone else around you!!! :-)

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