my parents are home. my overtime is over! I can take a deep breath. I feel instantly relieved. Amazed at how much I had been carrying!

so now I feel like I have a little bit of a different perspective. my student, while she still cries a lot and very easily, seems to be making peace with being here.... she is very much looking forward to March when her mom comes and talks on the phone every night with her family on her CELL phone! I can't imagine what that bill would look like?! she still fusses, quite loudly if we try to put her to bed before 10 pm which has thrown the other girls bedtime into chaos, which is was sort of anyways but even more so now. I am hoping with me not working weekends and late nights will help as well. I really can't imagine what it is like to be 10 years old in another country and I wonder how much of a choice the children get in that? I was 17 when I went to Kenya for 6 months and that was hard so I really can understand what she is going thru....a bit! I am hoping this all means that we are going to be able to handle her stay as in my heart I couldn't think of having her go through yet another homestay family! that would be traumatic for her I think.

I think I am catching up on some of my work at the office too, which is great cuz I was feeling buried there for awhile. I do have to take a day to do J's books.....which I tend to stick my head in the ground and not want to deal with!

so while I feel completely overwhelmed if I look at the WHOLE picture and ALL that I have to deal with, between ADHD testing, the girls in general, J's health, having a teenager, work, know the "usual" I have to just take it step by step and day by day and deal with one thing at a time as it presents itself....thanks to a good friend who was really there for me the other night when I was feeling really low! great advice. So I am breathing, enjoying life, looking foward to what life brings!

Biggest Looser Challenge update: it has just been over 1 week and as of Sunday I had lost 4 pounds! so that is good cuz my goal is 3 pounds a week. My Dr told me 1 pound a week is the weight you want to be loosing as that is when you most likely keep it off. So while I want to KEEP the weight off I also want to win the jackpot! :) it was really hard NOT to have a piece of birthday cake but I kept thinking of what I weigh and how good it will feel to get it off. SO I MADE IT! while a few of the girls at the party ate chips and cookies and cake in front of me saying oh this is the beeeesssst chip I have ever had ext....little brats! but for the most part I am doing really well and not that hungry.... a bit grouchy as I go through sugar/carb withdrawls! and a few wicked headaches but I feel good that I am doing this for myself.


Cheri said…
Our last homestay student was very homesick and the point that she was throwing up a lot. I felt so bad for her.

Congrats on the weight loss.

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