Christmas 2008 reflections

I know that Christmas is not about "gifts" although it is about remembering the ultimate gift we have ever received, but to watch the girls faces as they open the things that they wanted the most is SO MUCH FUN. I love the look of pure delight spread across their sweet faces as they get their little hearts desire. All the hard work of looking for the exact present, the money spent, the hours sitting on the floor wrapping, all worth it for that moment of complete happiness!
Spending time with family, laughing, eating and enjoying being together! the whole reason we were created, family! it was really precious times.
oh yeah and the BIGGEST tree we have ever had! go big or go home is our motto and that was true of our tree this year as well. We have the living room for it so why not? I don't think we could go back to a small tree ever again! it is so big (it is still up and doing well) that we couldn't reach the top to put the angel all the way can see it is still a ways from the top!
my sweet girls, my babies that are getting so big! I so love doing my life with them. So despite all the busyness, all the chaos that is our lives most times, for all the mess and the mess, for all the tears and tantrums, they are my babies, my heart.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a very happy New Year!!


Nadine said…
Have a Happy New Year. You have a beautiful family.
Looney Mom™ said…
I agree. It's so worth it to see the looks on their faces when they get something they've wanted. Your girls are beautiful.

And OMG on that tree! I'd be scared I would wind up under it. LOL!
Dawn said…
I have not been over for ever so long - shameful! Great pictures of the kiddoes and you guys - so many kids got those DS thingies this year! I would not have a clue what to do with those things!
Cheri said…
That tree is huge! We wouldn't have enough ornaments to decorate a tree that big.
I also love the excitement of seeing Chloe opening presents...I also love the excitement of watching her give a gift that she's picked out too.

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