I am sick. Got me a case of pneumonia...the beginnings of it anyways, so I am on strong anti-biotics that are making me feel sick. Great! cuz all you want to be doing when your lungs, ears, throat and skin hurt is to be running to the toilet when you get that rolling over motion. YUCK.

think my body is needing a rest but I feel like there is SO much to do!
can't really afford to be missing work either

really really want to go away with J this weekend, must get better

must go back to bed

here click on these links while I am MIA

the first is a relative of my sister's in-laws, they are staying with us lastnight to tonight, totally amazing couple with a heart for God's people. He is a Christian hip hop/rapper.


here he is giving a bit of his testimony

Xangelle is doing another jewellry give away, so go check out her store

and for a great post by one of my favorite bloggers go here

finally my mentor super mom is blogging about her mom, she has the first part posted and it is go read that too!

enjoy your week and happy reading


Andre said…
If you're a fan of holy hip-hop, you should check out rapper Tre the Third. He's got a sound all his own and delivers a powerful message. His album drops in Spring 09, but you can hear some of his tracks on his MySpace page -
Shash said…
You must be sick, you called Dave a girl!! ;-) I hope you start feeling better soon!!
Nadine said…
You poor thing - I'm so sorry to hear you're sick. I pray that you recover quickly and are able to do all that you want and need to do.

BTW - Thanks for the compliment. :)

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