precious moments for a mom

we were driving home in the van the other day and I don't remember how it started but we (the girls and me, there has been a LOT of just the girls and me lately with J trying really hard to wrap the reno he has been project manager of) anyways we started talking about religions and God and the difference between what we believe as Christians as opposed to Jehovah Witness' and such and I talked about how we believe John 3:16 and believe it literally!!

they were asking really good questions and I was asking them questions, testing their knowledge of what they know or remember and I said to H, if you were the ONLY person ever on earth then God still would have sent Jesus to die on the cross just for you.

Her response was so honest and heart felt and was such a precious moment for me, she gave a quick gasp and said very emphatically


like it was an epiphany and it made my heart so glad to hear it! so simple so basic and she really grasped what it is all about, His love. SOOOOOO cool!!!


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