what happens in my life when I read

I love to read, and when I find a really good book or a series, I get lost. It is worse for me then any draw to sit at the computer, any good tv series or have to see chick flick. J has often said when I read the house could be on fire and I wouldn't even know it! I haven't called any of my friends, I don't go to bed until I can't possibly keep my eyes open any longer which is mostly between 1 and 2 am. I read 5 very large novels in less than 2 weeks! yup....on top of that is work, kids, swimming lessons, hip hop lessons, driving kids to play dates, and cooking...barely cooking!! barely doing laundry ( I haven't put any away for the 2 weeks I have been lost in my books) and barely cleaning...barely! sometimes it amazes me how lost I can get in books.

pause to say shoot I wish I knew where my camera battery charger is the sky is about 100 different shades of pink and purple, even the ocean looks pink/purple it's AMAZING....just really amazing....
ok back to post then I think I might just go sit on my deck and stare at the beauty! since my eyes are probably dilated from all late night reading.

I read the other boleyn girl , which was great...you have to remember the author takes some major liberties with the historical facts, which I had fun googeling! but it was great and I want to read the other books by the author in that series.

then I read the 4 books in the twilight series which M had read or devoured I should say! because the book club I just joined decided to read it for our first book. There is a movie coming out in Nov and M and I have a date to go see it. It is about vampires but not the typical vampire book with sex and violence but it was a love story..pretty G rated as far as no bad language and no explicit love scenes. But it was action packed and really well written. The obvious good and evil and what our preconceived ideas are....hard to explain but this has really opened up some good discussions with M and me! and I know at book club this Sat it will be a really interesting discussion group too.

well besides all the reading I have been doing I managed to squeeze in a woman's conference in MR last weekend. I ended up driving as we didn't need the church van for just 7 of us the first night and 4 of us on Sat. We joined another church's conference as our church has not had one in a long while. It was really good to spend time with the ladies and listen to Helen Burns speak. She is such a great speaker she really engages you and keeps you listening laughing and speaks right to your heart. The theme was "launch" about stepping into your destiny, not holding back, being a yes girl to God and doing whatever it takes to follow Him. I am still processing some of the things I felt a response too and I am sure I will blog about it soon...now that I am not tied to a book and my chair :)


Theresa said…
Books are dangerous for me. I too get lost in them and the daily chores pile up. I can't sleep until a book is completely finished so on top of not doing the cleaning and such, I'm half asleep.

I haven't been to a woman's conference in a few years and I miss them so much. I'm glad you had a great time.
Shash said…
I haven't read a fiction story in years, maybe even a decade. I never could get myself into them. Thinking back to my childhood / teenage life - the books I always read were self-help or teaching type books.

I just finished, "Strengthen Yourself in the Lord" by Bill Johnson and loved it, I'm going to restart it soon. I bought about a half dozen new books the other day as our city's only Christian bookstore is closing.

I would love to hear Helen speak, they've always been good friends.
Cheri said…
I used to be the same way when I read...reading a book within days cause I wouldn't put it down. Now I don't have any time.

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