It's Thanksgiving today, well this weekend us Canadians like to make a LONG holiday over things! like our Boxing Day! yup we know how to partay!

We had family over last night to our house and had a good time chatting and eating and it is always funny to me how the women end up talking in the kitchen as the men got the comfy couches watching the hockey game...GO CANUCKS GO....! I tried to suggest that at half time the girls and guys switch places, yea that didn't happen. But it was a really fun evening of laughing and being together.

Today we went to one of my cousins house ate wonderful food, sat around talking, had a really good debate over sex education in public schools and the abuse of one private school, that I went too, that made main stream media this last week. Needless to say it was interesting, I was even posed on the end of my seat a good sign that I was feeling very passionately about things! when it comes to my kids I generally do!

Tomorrow we are going over to J's parents for more food and time with family, I think there might be a good chance that I gain back some of the weight that I have been ever so slowly losing. At this point I don't care that it is coming off slowly I am just so happy it is coming off!

I am so glad of the long weekend, work and school has a way of making time go so very quickly and I like just having 3 full days to be home and sleep in! speaking of sleep we bought a new mattress cuz my back has been really sore and I have not been sleeping well at all lately. Last night I was so excited to sleep in it and was hoping for a really good nights sleep...but it didn't happen, guess it takes a while to break it in?! hopefully tonight will be better!



Nadine said…
Happy Thanksgiving.
Shash said…
Happy Thanksgiving too!

You'll have to fill me in on what's going on with THAT school, I'm so out of the loop way out here!!
Yellow Mama said…
So, what did your Thanksgiving meal consist of...?

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