I think she needs a change

things are not getting any easier for M. She is really struggling right now. She is not feeling like she fits in at all, kids are friendly in classes but don't talk to her out in the halls. I hear now from others that this school has a rep for being like this. So now we need to make some decisions about moving her to a new school...where and when are big questions so I got my work cut out for me.

J and I remembered this was one of the reasons we moved up North in the first place. She was not making any really good friends down here and just knew she would fit in up there. She did and she had a really great group of close and GOOD friends. The kind of friends you want your teenage daughter to have! she misses them and so do I. I miss them cuz they were that great of kids and I miss them for her and the pain she is going through right now. Makes me sad and I wonder if we made the right decision? can't help but think that.

I am also trying to find a good youth program for her and I think I found her a piano teacher. I just so want her to be happy cuz being 14 is just so plain hard enough with out all the extra's!


Anonymous said…
Maybe this is a good opportunity to teach her perseverance instead of quitting. She may become a stronger person this way. Have HER start praying for a good friend.
Victoria said…
I have an AWESOME Youth Program for her!!!!!! message me!
Lala's world said…
she is not the one asking to change schools, her dad and I think they maybe that would be best. but I get the point of perseverance, I am just not convinced this is the best scenario for her to be learning that lesson!
she had a good talk with J today and with her only friend down here that goes to another school, so she is really pondering what is best for her, which I am proud of her for that is a BIG thing at 14!
Nadine said…
The hardest thing for a mom is watch one of children go through any pain. I'm so sorry. I pray that God would bring into her life some very good friends that she could trust.
Jensboys said…
You I vote with you and J ... the age is too crucial for her to be left feeling alone. She needs to see that YOU are her advocates, that her needs come first. Phooey on the life lessons -- 14 and 15 are the WORST ages in the world to be feeling alone and friendless. You're her mama, go with your gut.

And L and J, you guys are AWESOME parents with amazing kids - obviously be have been making the right decisions so far! Stay with it. And tell M that LOTS of great, amazing ladies have been there. We understand that although these years are hard, they are short lived. Better days - better SIGNIFICANT days - are ahead!


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