trudging along

The girls all survived their first week of school....phew! I think us moms can get more stressed over it then they do.
They are all liking their new schools too and so far so good on the teachers....well Foo has been giving me a few thumbs down about her teacher, she is still undecided about how great she is :)
M is auditioning for her schools musical over the next 3 days! yikes eh? like how intimidating is that, I just love that she is willing to put herself out there and try. They have to audition with a script, then the next day with singing accapela and then the last day they have to dance! if you don't pass one then you don't get in at all. They are doing "Chicago". I so hope she makes it but still am just so proud of her for trying out.
Work is going ok, loving the new 9-2:30 that makes my life so much easier! I am not sure what my hours are going to look at in the near future as I am taking on another client and I have some other ones waiting in the wings, just not enough hours in the day. I am hoping to get more set up at home and that way I can get more done and still be here for the girls.
They are signed up for swimming lessons and Em is signed up for hip hop.....she is SO excited about that!
So life is trudging along, the house gets a little more settled with every weekend and energy boost that I have :) although the unnerving feelings that being broken into have not left, not sure how long that takes either? noises in the night were never my friend but now they are a whole new level of stress.
We went to Granville Island today with the 3 girls, M was working....I know so strange she has a job!....anyways it was just great to be out sight seeing in Vancouver together. We are wanting to try to do a little day trip like this every other weekend, seeing more of the beautiful province we live in and spending that quality time together. We are also possibly planning a trip to Mexico with my in-laws this Nov! how cool is that! I so hope we can pull it off.
I think that after another month or so with our routine and becoming more settled that our spirits will start to settle too!


MugwumpMom said…
Wow, M has a job? Where? Doing what? You'll have to fill me in with all your happenings this weekend. Was thinking we'd pick you and J up around 4:30..that's if you want to come up all in one car? Seems easier. J and C are going earlier that morning to golf (gee, are we surprised:)) T gets work at 3:30, and will come down to my place, then we thought we'd head over to get you guys..sound like a plan, man? And yes, J can shotty the front seat of the Santa Fe. Love you.
Glad the girls are settling in to school.
Shash said…
Those are great hours, while the kids are in school. I sometimes miss work... :-( I've worked pretty much all my life. I'm glad you guys are settling in well. Love u lots.
Yellow Mama said…
Life sounds great and full. Blessings...
Cheri said…
A musical...that sounds so cool!

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