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I met a couple of moms today picking the kids up from school, they actually came over to the van to meet me! I know how shocking!! in this world of every family to themselves and a local community that is well....stuck up for a lack of a better term, I was thrilled.
The 2nd mom that came up to the van is from a small town in Northern Alberta, they just moved here and we had a quick little conversation about small town life versus this feeling that families in the lower mainland are Islands. She said she has tried to invite some moms over for coffee and was surprised to learn they were thinking they could drop their kids off at her house while they did their errands! I am going to have to get her to point those ones out to me so I can be forewarned!

It is amazing to me how quickly I adapted to the community that is present in the North. I never thought I would enjoy living in a "small" town, not that where we were was all that small, dubbed the capital of the North and around 80,000+ people is not that small. I instantly made friends, something again that I have found doesn't happen down here. I instantly networked and really connected with the support that Northerners freely give out. They are there for you in practical ways the moment you ask. A lot of people up North don't have immediate family around and a lot of hubbies do shift work or work out of town and so the women really bond quickly with other women. I loved that. I had been craving that in my own life and now that I am back down here I miss that.

I do have my family now and it is great to be with them again and be able to hang out or quickly pop over. I have noticed that J and I have been a bit in hiding since moving back. I think most of it is just recouping cuz that is a HUGE move!! I also have felt myself hesitant to get involved in the girls new school, after the PAC fiasco I endured up North I am not anxious at all to get involved that way and I wasn't sure how else I would start making friends. I like to know the parents of my kids friends as much as I can. We did go over to one families house for coffee on Sunday, my Em and their daughter are in the same class and Foo and their son are in the same as well. Too small of a world cuz they were talking about a family they know in PG and guess what?? I know them! but from down here, I went to school with them. Such a small world in that respect but I am hoping to enlarge our "community" here where we are. I don't want to hide out or not be outgoing because I know our physical location is temporary (since we are renting we ar going to have to move sooner than later). I do want to get to know the moms and reach out and maybe we can get even a little of what I enjoyed so much up North.


Victoria said…
I have always wanted to live in a small town for this very reason. This community is huge, and in my opinion, focused more inward han outward. In large cities, the world ifs your source of entertainment and a small town, ou find that in people. ....or so I have heard.
Just Me said…
Hey Lala....we lived up in Whitehorse for years, before moving down here. Yes, the North has the ability to make 'family' happen among new friends/strangers. The key is, to bring that same flavor to where you are. Not everyone will respond...but you will find the ones who want it too! Like those two moms who approached you - good for them for continuing to reach out. That's what 'hubby' and I chose to do - break the big city mind set, and still act out of our 'community' mindset! And it works! To this day we still have people who know they can drop in - even around supper time, and we'll just put another potatoe in the soup if we need to, make it stretch alittle farther! go girl! And if your ready to come out from hiding - we'd sure like a visit sometime. We'd were wondering if we had 'B.O' or something!! ( kidding...)
Dawn said…
YOur previous post was very well done. Satan really is having a great time wreaking havoc on churches and families. OUr church has been through so much, but we are stronger and clsoer because of the many traumas. You have to keep your eyes on God, not on the pastor or worship leader or youth pastor.
Theresa said…
Living in a small town has been a very huge adjustment for me. I'm glad you are getting out and socializing.

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