Mentally strong enough to face the buldge

My Dr said it a lot nicer but basically this is what he said. I am thrilled to be doing better stress wise to actually have my Dr say ok let's see you lose some weight compared to the don't even worry about your weight right now that I heard at the beginning of the summer. It's not like I don't realize I need to lose weight but I couldn't stress over it. That department was a little FULL! I am continuing to feel better, the school schedule and that whole routine is definitely helping and a little R&R in Whistler this weekend won't hurt either :) I am still grinding my teeth a bit and my back is almost constantly sore a good indication that there is still tension there, and I think a desperate need for a new mattress and I should wear my night guard DUH. I am having a little bit of stress with our tenants and am hoping that that sorts itself out very very soon! I good use a good stretch of calm...but then couldn't we all??


He recommended the GI diet, which is what he himself went on and lost 25 pounds in 25 weeks and has kept it off. So I am trying, although I keep forgetting all the info I printed off at work, but I do really want to get to a better more healthy weight. My goal is to lose 15 before Christmas and another 10 at least by Spring.......then keep it off!

So if any of you know any helpful tips with this way of eating cuz diet is a dirty four letter word :) I would really appreciate it!


Shash said…
Smaller portions and no pop.
Shash said…
snacking or nibbling all day is another one. When I worked at a desk, I'd find myself not eating a real meal but snacking on salty snacks & sugary snacks all day long.
Anonymous said…
A friend of mine recently lost a lot of weight by getting on the treadmill and walking for an hour a day. Now she runs, walks, runs, walks. She looks amazing and it all started with walking everyday.
I've just cleared off and plugged in my treadmill because of her story. EAT LESS MOVE MORE! Yeah!
Theresa said…
I find that walking at least 3 miles a day burns enough calories to allow me to eat something bad every day. But eating less and snacking on celery with Laughing Cow cheese works for me. I like the South Beach Diet, but it is very time consuming.
Dawn said…
I always go back to the basic Weight Watchers plan - sensible and usable. But exercise is SO important. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

I have had to go private, and would love to have you join my list, if you wish. Just e-mail me at dawn.carlson@colostate with your e-address.

Thanks - glad things are settling down a bit.

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