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phew what a time, it was a whirlwind of a packing/moving day with us leaving the day before we had planned, which I didn't know about until I was being yelled ok lets goooooooooo.... so I am not sure I was prepared. We packed from 9-12 and with all the amazing help we had from my family the uhaul was ready to go. Unfortunately we were not able to get everything so we will have to go back up this month and probably have enough to fill both trucks and 2 trailers! yah good times. Anyways we are here, nothing was broken so that is good. We had some more help and continued help from my cousin and her hubby! that was sooooo awesome and more friends came and helped, it was good and such a blessing.

Monday night I ended up being in the ER with Foo till 5am as she got something in her eye and it was actually lodged into her pupil and she ended up finally having to be put to sleep to get it out, it was crazy totally traumatic and NOT what any of us needed, emotionally or physically! so needless to say we tried to get more unpacking done and then today I started my first day at work...... it went well but I wasn't sure I was ready! just so much has happened in a short time and I was exhausted.

Anyways the wedding was awesome on Sat and I will post some pictures soon!!


Nadine said…
Glad you made your move safely. I totally understand the craziness you face for I'm walking in it also.
MugwumpMom said…
Poor Foo. Glad it got taken care of, but not in such a dramatic way.
Your home is lovely. I can picture Thanksgiving there...and Christmas....oh, and New Years....shall I go on? Hehehe.
While I know the north is/was/is your dream, secretly, it's nice to have you back and so close. Next time you move away, I just may come with you.

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