Vacation from my problems cont'd

so Sat didn't start out so good...I was feeling really overwhelmed and stressed about the house and renters and all that fun stuff...yah good times people...anyways I had to really press in to take that vacation from my problems

and guess what????

I rented out the house!!!! yeaaaah! to a really nice couple with a new baby and for 2 years! so that is perfect! and they even mentioned possibly buying it from us after the 2 years! so.... that again might be exactly what we need and a total answer to prayer! J is not in as much remission as we thought and I was so relieved that we were not starting from here, by that I mean we had already been planning this move and I can't imagine just starting now! what a huge process!

Today we got the playroom that was a HUGE chore! between mopping floors and throwing out 5 garbage bags of crap! it is all packed and ready to go. Tomorrow I am going to tackle my china cabinet and then we are off to my cousin's wedding shower and I am going to attempt to fit one of the bridesmaids dresses for one of the girls. ahhh not a professional seamstress but I don't mind the challenge. Should be a nice evening with family and friends.

The girls are doing H is quite stressed......we had a bit of a.... well a bit of a to do with each other today....we really do but heads, not sure if we are totally alike or totally opposite but man what a challenge, anyways she stormed off after being sent to her room and took a shoe to my front screen door...needless to say it now needs to be replaced....... oh Lord help me this vacation from my problems includes 4 little girls!


Mike said…
When I'm stressed out, my 5-year old tells me: "Relax, close your eyes then snore."


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Nadine said…
I'll keep J in prayer.

I'm happy for you about the house - that must be a load off your mind.
Dawn said…
I can't imagine moving - it's been 30 years! But we need to at least pretend we're moving to get some junk out of here!

Best wishes with that strong-willed H! We have the same H in our lives and she's a challenge at times - and is only almsot 6.
MugwumpMom said…
Flipping the coin is risky only because if Jim wins we end up in Osoyoos - yet again! But then, tonight he was reading out travel "best bets" stuff he found on line to Paris and Scotland in September...I'm like, "don't even", cause my hopes will get all up and he'll say he wasn't serious.

Hope the packing is coming along and that you're taking time out for yourself...see you on Saturday!
Just Me said…
Hey Girl....glad to hear your house is rented out. Keep pacing yourself - so you dn't overload, or burn out! Doing it a room at a time, is the way to go! have you guys found a house here yet? Figured out a church yet? With gas prices, you'll be wanting to stay near your home - so we'll be praying for you guys to find a great church in your area! Let me know how you're doing - I'll keep praying for you! Wish I was closer to come help!
Elle*Bee said…
That's good news about finding renters. Especially good that they may be interested in buying it later - they're more likely to take care of your property if it might someday become theirs.

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