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I have been so overwhelmed by all that is going on in my life and I know that is understandable but I thought the other night wow it is amazing how consumed we become with our problems and then so many wonderful moments slip by really unnoticed. I don't want that to keep happening. I also thought I started this blog as a diary for me but also to remember things about the kids and lately I haven't done any of that...just whined and complained about my problems.

I watched "what about bob" the other night with the girls and there is a scene there that Leo, the Dr, tell Bob, the patient, to take a vacation from his problems. So this weekend I am determined to take a vacation from my problems.

So here is an update on my kids

M - I can't believe she is 14!! going into grade 9! like oh my..she is the same height as me now and wears all my shoes! totally crazy, I look at her and try to picture her as a little girl and it seems so long ago and yet just yesterday all at the same time. She is quite the computer expert and I am amazed at how much she knows how to do with website designs and all that html stuff. She really isn't afraid to try anything. She is going to working as a busser at my parents restaurant starting after we strange her having a real job! I love her laugh! we watched college road trip the other night and laughed so hard together but I think I got a bigger kick out of her laughing than the jokes. She is turning into a real lady and I think her teenage years will not be so bad!! I am not really worried about her being rebellious or anything like that, she knows she is a leader and we tell her that all the time.

E - she is sooo responsible...becoming soooo grown up! I wonder if a bit too fast but she seems to be developing earlier than M did. She needs to wear BO juice after gym or doing a lot of running around! totally not ready for her to be growing up! she is so smart and does so well at school. She kind of is one of those all round students, good at everything she does and well liked and respected by students and teachers alike. I don't worry about how she will do in school or making friends, she is just a natural at both.

H- is still my high spirited one, my artist in the making. She has quite the sense of humor and I can really see the artist in her, she really does have an artistic sense about her. She is doing better at school and still struggles with friendships but she is such a leader and such a strong personality that I know that with the right direction will really make something of herself. She is also quite athletic, has a total athletes body and when we were playing soccer together at the house she was a natural defensive player and goalie. J said she reminds him of himself and how he played sports and he was really really fact if he hadn't of gotten sick at 16 he could have gotten some major scholarships.

F- is still my baby although she only weighs 4 pounds less than H and I can't carry her anymore, I swear she is going to be 6 feet tall! her speech is getting so much better and she even catches herself when she says D instead of C. The school had a TA for her doing speech work and it looks like it paid off. It's not because she cannot pronounce everything and there is no medical reason for it she just was lazy and we didn't correct her cuz it was so cute and the baby. She struggles in school in learning, by that I mean she is not like E and M was. I think she is a little behind where H was at this stage. I tend to think she has some dyslexia because she can watch a movie/tv show once and then repeat whole scenes back to you pretty much line for line and yet she still struggles recognizes her abc's and 123's and gets them backwards more than 50% of the time. There is a lot of dyslexia in my family and after talking to one of my cousins sons who probably had it the worst he said she sounds a lot like him. This young man totally struggled in school and had to have his exams read to him and is now getting his pilots license and is getting married to the most wonderful lady this summer! so all things are possible. I know F is very intelligent in fact I think out of all my girls she is the most intelligent. The things she puts together amazes me so I will be working closely with her teachers to see if there is some dyslexia there and then work her through it.

A strange thing happened yesterday when I went to get the girls SIN #'s....I figured since I was there getting M's so she can get the job I might as well get the others...and Em's wasn't working, the lady at Service Canada couldn't figure out what was going on....finally she looked again at E's birth certificate and there under sex was an M!!!!!! WHAT???!!! all these years 9 1/2 of them NO ONE has noticed that the sex was wrong on her BC! I was just about to apply for her passport and glad I didn't send it off cuz it would have been rejected! I couldn't believe no one..not even me has ever caught this! so there she was getting all sad at the office and H pipes up with a "I always wanted a brother"...we all laughed cept for E...she was a little sad....but we went to Vital Statistics after and they are looking into it to correct it! crazy eh?!

well I am off to have sushi with a great friend and going to enjoy my weekend vacation from my problems! hope you all do the same!


Anonymous said…
Not meaning to bring you down, but you should be a little more concern when it comes to your youngest. It sounds like your youngest is a dyslexic, and she should get assess ASAP. My youngest is and I also consider her my brightest. One of the big signs of dyslexics is to have the ability to repeat scenes of shows back, yet it seems they can't remember their alphabet or their numbers. Dyslexics need to be taught their ABCs.
Nadine said…
That's kind of funny about the birth certificate. I'm glad you caught it.

Your kids are getting bigger and are growing up well. You're a good mom.

Have fun and eat sushi for me.
nancygrayce said…
Hooray for the vacation from problems! I'll join you! :)
Reg said…
Glad to here you are all moving back. Welcome home!
Shash said…
I love H's comment, she's always on the ball eh?! "I always wanted a brother!"

Schools have great support these days and testing for Foo is available, lots more help than when Tam was in school or even Jord or our cousin's boy.

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