taking a moment to say AHHHHHHH

so I know that you all know that my life is a little crazy right now...trying to remember when it hasn't been so?! ummmmm yup nope nothing comes to mind.

Do I feed off the craziness and stress? seriously things that I am pondering right now.

I am managing the hotel right now as the GM is in Africa on holidays. Things have not been going so smoothly between units blowing and offices and hallways flooding, which is just great for the old allergies, and last night we had a tour come in that I was not aware of and got a nice phone call about.....NOT! I know I know I am SO mature. So J....who is home for the weekend thank goodness... and I drove in to do some damage control last night, and again we had to go in at 6 am this morning with foofoo in toll to continue the damage control. J even got to play bell boy and carry luggage out for the tour of 40. In the end I think I did a good job and the tour director/owner finally said he would come back, up to that point he said it was his first and last time. The thing that got me really upset was my front desk supervisor dropped the ball on this one, will not take ownership for it and even did the "I wash my hands of you" motion to me this morning stating that I only have 2 weeks left there and then he can be rid of me. Oh yeah nothing says thanks for covering for my HUGE mistake and saving business for the hotel from your sub-employee like that. So drama drama drama...more stress. I know it's not mine unless I pick it up!

It is amazing how many people do not take responsibilities for their actions, something that I am really trying to work into my kids. There does seem to be something lacking in the 22 and younger generation these days...but that's a whole other post...and the employee this morning is almost 40 so it doesn't really apply to him. Ah I feel like a big bubble of emotions. J is home and we had to deal with this hotel issue last night and first thing this morning.....tomorrow we have a showing for our house and then Sunday we have another open house...so we got our work cut out for us. I think we have to determine to find moments to say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh together and just sit and enjoy each others company!


Dawn said…
That does NOT sound like a fun job, but I am so glad that J is there right now. And I hope you can get a few aHHHHH moments with him while he is.

You are right about the lack of responsibility thing - there seems to be a drop in the ball somewhere in the development of the upcoming adults - scary stuff!
Nadine said…
Work sounds tough. It's hard to work with people who don't own up to their mistakes and pass it off.

I hope you enjoyed having J home.
MugwumpMom said…
hmmmmm...I know just as many 40, 50 and 60 somethings that do not and have never taken responsibility for their actions as there are teen, 20 and 30 somethings....it's a human condition that started with Adam blaming Eve then God for his sin...every one of us, at some time or the other has done it, even unknowingly, because in our sin natures we all wear a blinders called denial and self protection....

and good for you to recognize that and teach your kids to take responsibility...may they learn it well..

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