can you find the bee in this photo I took?

I feel like hiding out right now. I have been so busy being busy at work that I don't remember how to rest. Parts of me just want to run away, the whole flight or fight thing! Sometimes when things are hitting me from all sides all I can think is run. BUT I just turned 29 (again)!! on Friday and I know that I should be beyond that now. There are some loose ends with the PAC and with work and I just want to be done with all of it now. AHHH I hate sounding like a broken record.
So how do I hide out? how do I gracefully disappear for awhile? I know that I can rest in the shadow of the Almighty, I know I can enter His Presence. And I try, and I do. How do you stay there? How do you deal with everything going on and maintain that peace?

Yesterday I got really bad chest pains after dealing with the PAC stuff I thought was over, then I had issues with the girls.....J was here over the weekend with my parents for my birthday, it was so nice but the day he leaves is a really bad day for me and the girls.

ok why do I feel like I am whining? I know it is not good to focus on the negative...some days are just really hard to do that successfully! not because I don't try!

My student leaves on Sunday and then the girls all have dentist appointments on Monday and then I think I am going to head down to be with J for a week or 2. Just feel like more of a whole person when we are together! and that brings me joy because for many years of our marriage I didn't feel that way! so that is something to delight in.


Elle*Bee said…
You've been under a lot of stress do need to rest, even if only to spend a little alone time, just you and God.
Anonymous said…
Try to carve out a little you time everyday...maybe go for a walk every evening by yourself. Just a small break every day can make a big difference. Even though my older kids don't nap anymore they still have to have quite time in their rooms so I can have some peace every day.
Dawn said…
I hope your stress level has gone down by now - screeching halts are not good for cars or people, I guess!

We're not going anywhere for awhile. I hope the desire to really clean my house hits me pretty quickly!
Nadine said…
It's hard to handle so much by yourself. I pray that you find your time with J refreshing.

I'm praying for you.

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