Pics from my trip to the Coast

crazy kids actually swam in the PACIFIC OCEAN in May... if you don't know that is C.O.L.D. but so much fun to watch
Foofoo's 6th birthday lunch at her favorite food place.....sushi!
family pic at my cousin's wedding
my gorgeous cousin and her handsome hubby
just 2 of my favorite nature shots I took... I LOVE my camera it really takes great pictures!
more to come soon but American Idol is on and I want to watch the 2 Davids sing!


Nadine said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter - I love sushi too.

Great family photo. - your cousin is a beautiful bride.
Shash said…
I like the picture from under the pier, mine didn't turn out nearly as nice!!
Cheri said…
The pier picture is awesome.
MugwumpMom said…
That pier pic can be framed!!! You should enter it into the Global news pic thing and win the coveted global pen!!

Yeah...David Cook won!!!!!! Love him...
Dawn said…
So were you happy with the result? I loved David A, but didn't think he should be out touring - he's just too young and innocent!

Great shots!
Glo said…
Love all your pictures. The David that won is from close to where I live.
Mike said…
Belated happy birthday to your daughter.


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